New Horse Guide

Now that new horses have been released, I’m sure everyone wants to get one. Here’s just a quick guide to using the new horse feature!

How to Get New Horses

You can purchase as many additional horses as you want but you can only have up to 10 in your stable. If you want to have more than that, you will have to make room by sending some horses on vacation (click the corkboard across from your closet and click “My Horses” to manage vacations). If you want to sell a horse, select its name on the “My Horses” list and the horse’s character sheet will pop up. Make sure to remove all of the tack from it (including horseshoes) and then click the red button at the bottom of the character window. When you sell a horse, you will only get Jorvik Shillings for it. You cannot sell your original horse.

New horses can be found in the small stables located around Jorvik. There are different breeds available in several colors at each location. You will not be able to change anything but the name of your new horse. Once purchased, you can visit any of the horse stylists located around (Steve’s Farm, Jorvik Fishing Village, Firgrove, Valedale, Jorvik Stables) and you can change the style of your horse’s mane and tail. The shop only displays mane styles, but the tail style will change as well.

Click on a horse to view information about the breed and to see the starting stats of that breed. Each horse starts at level one, and each breed has unique starting stats. Once you have found a horse that you like, click to purchase the horse, and it will be transported to your home stable.

Once you have purchased a horse, the stall it stood in will be empty. They will restock the next day, so it is possible to buy multiple horses of the same color, if you choose to do so!

New horses can only be purchased with Star Coins. You do not need to be a Star Rider to buy a horse, but you will need to purchase Star Coins on your own. If you are not a Star Rider, you can use the home stable, but you are not able to change the location of your home stable and you cannot access the wardrobe inside the home stable.

Changing Horses and Caring for Horses

All of your new horses will be transported to your home stable. In your stable, all you have to do to change horses is climb on the one you want to ride. Only one horse can be taken out of the stable at a time. When you are in your stable, when on foot, your original horse is automatically set for you when you open the Character window. To change your horse’s equipment, you have to be mounted on the horse you want to change. Once outside the stable, the horse you have will be set for you in the Character window, regardless if you are mounted or not.

All of your horses have to be cared for at least once a day or they will become sad, even if you don’t ride them. Horses remaining in the stable will not need to be cared for again later as long as they are left in the stable. Once you take a horse out, the care icons will pop up in time.

When you log off, you will be left with the horse you last rode, or if you logged off from inside the stable with no horse chosen, you will be on your original horse the next time you log on.

Training Horses

The current maximum level for horses, is level 15. You can increase your horse’s level by doing daily races. This method is time-consuming but it does not cost additional money (in fact it EARNS you money). If you have the Star Coins, you can visit the horse trainer in Fort Pinta and Jorvik Stables, and Tobbe Larsson, at Steve’s Farm, to train your horse up one level with each person (so maximum three levels a day).

The price for each level is as follows (each level increases by 25 Star Coins):

  • Level 1 to Level 2 – 25 Star Coins
  • Level 2 to Level 3 – 50 Star Coins
  • Level 3 to Level 4 – 75 Star Coins
  • Level 4 to Level 5 – 100 Star Coins
  • Level 5 to Level 6 – 125 Star Coins
  • Level 6 to Level 7 – 150 Star Coins
  • Level 7 to Level 8 – 175 Star Coins
  • Level 8 to Level 9 – 200 Star Coins
  • Level 9 to Level 10 – 225 Star Coins
  • Level 10 to Level 11 – 250 Star Coins
  • Level 11 to Level 12 – 275 Star Coins
  • Level 12 to Level 13 – 300 Star Coins
  • Level 13 to Level 14 – 325 Star Coins
  • Level 14 to Level 15 – 350 Star Coins
  • Total Cost Level 1 to Level 15 – 2625 Star Coins

It is possible to progress the lower levels faster than the higher levels, so it is more cost and time effective to use races to train up to level 5 or 6 before using the horse trainer.

Horse Breed Guide

All horses of the same breed have the same stats, regardless of color. Here are the stats, colors, and locations of all the breeds currently available. Hover over each image to view the price of that horse.

Last page update: November 21, 2014

Ferdinand’s Horse Market current location: Jorvik Stables [In open arena outside stables]

For more information about Ferdinand’s Horse Market, click here!

Danish Warmblood 

The result of cross breeding numerous breeds, the Danish Warmblood is a well-made sport horse known for its strength. It has a Thoroughbred appearance and good stamina.

Breed Bonus: Strength +4, Discipline +1, Speed +0, Endurance +0, Agility +2



The Morgan was once considered the ideal horse for the United States Calvary. It is named after the owner of the first known horse in the line, who was called Justin Morgan. Morgan bloodlines have played a part in the development of many of the American breeds, for instance the Standardbred, American Saddlebred, and the Tennessee Walking Horse.

Breed Bonus: Strength +2, Discipline +2, Speed +0, Endurance +0, Agility +2


English Thoroughbred

An Arabian lineage makes the English Thoroughbred a great horse for almost any equestrian discipline. The breed has forever changed the world of racing due to its capacity to maintain high speeds over great distances.

Breed Bonus: Strength +1, Discipline +2, Speed +0, Endurance +0, Agility +3


Dutch Warmblood 

The Dutch Warmblood is a sport horse capable of high level competition. It was developed by crossing Dutch horse breeds with English, French, and German horses. It is known for its excellence and ranks as one of the very best horses available.

Breed Bonus: Strength +3, Discipline +2, Speed +0, Endurance +0, Agility +2



The Akhal-Teke is said to be the world’s oldest purebred horse. Some say that it has been known for more than 3,000 years. Today the Akhal-Teke is known as an excellent sport horse. It is often known as a ‘one rider’ horse, that refuses to be ridden by anyone than its true master.

Breed Bonus: Strength +1, Discipline +2, Speed +0, Endurance +0, Agility +3



The Morab is a horse with a mix of Morgan and Arabian bloodlines. It is a great horse in many ways and highly unusual. With its strong legs and tough hooves it makes for a good ranch horse but it also does well in dressage and jumping.

Breed Bonus: Strength +3, Discipline +2, Speed +0, Endurance +0, Agility +2



The Oldenburg was founded in Germany in the 1600s. Initially intended as an elegant carriage horse, it has since become a horse that is frequently featured in international competitions.

Breed Bonus: Strength +2, Discipline +2, Speed +0, Endurance +0, Agility +2


Friesian Horse

Friesian horses come from an ancient bloodline that is thought to stretch back for thousands of years. The breed developed as a work horse but became popular as a war horse in the Middle Ages when it was used by heavily armored knights. Today the Friesian horse is a popular and well-loved family horse with a great personality.

Breed bonus: Strength +3, Discipline +2, Speed +0, Endurance +0, Agility +2

Restrictions: Player level 12


American Paint Horse

The Americn Paint Horse is said to stem from one of the horses that the Spanish explorer Cortez brought with him when he sailed to North America and they were popular with the Native tribes. They are dependable and very versatile. They come in three patterns: overo, tobiano, and tovero. The tobiano pattern has smooth-edged markings and white normally crosses the back. Overo is mostly colored with jagged-edged markings and white does not cross the back. Tovero is mostly white with jagged-edged markings. 

Breed bonus: Strength +2, Dicipline +2, Speed +0, Endurance +0, Agility +2



The Appaloosa is another breed that stems from horses brought to North America by the Spanish. This particular breed was bred from those horses by the Nez Perce Indians that lived by the Palouse River, hence the name. The Appaloosa is a great family horse, since its versatility allows it to be used in almost any riding discipline.

Breed bonus: Strength +2, Discipline +2, Speed +0, Endurance +0, Agility +2


Jorvik Pony

The typical Jorvik Pony has a sunny disposition but can be a single-minded, mischievous and stubborn little horse. It has short legs, resulting in a lower overall height, and a more prominent head than most horses. Because of their small size and chubby build, they have difficulty maintaining the speed of other wild Jorvik horses. While the Jorvik Pony is not really cut out for performance related competition, it remains a favorite breed among Jorvik horse owners who praise the fun and laughs that come from spending time with this charming little horse.

Jorvik Ponies come in many different colors.

Note: Remember that ponies are not as fast as other horses.

Breed bonus: Strength +0, Discipline +0, Speed +0, Endurance +1, Agility +0


Andalusian Horse

Andalusians come from southern Spain and are descended from the Spanish horses of the Middle Ages. These majestic runners are used in all kinds of equestrian events. They are easy to train and sturdy with a friendly disposition that has made them very popular all over Jorvik.

 Breed bonus: Strength +3, Discipline +2, Speed +0, Endurance +0, Agility +2

Restrictions: Player level 8


Selle Francais

The Selle Francais is a warmblood that comes from France. It is an elegant horse with a strong back that excels in eventing, thanks to the fact that it isn’t as heavy as many other warmbloods.

Breed bonus: Strength +1, Discipline +2, Speed +0, Endurance +0, Agility +3



The Westphalian is a German Warmblood that is known for its athletic ability. It can be used both in harness and under saddle, where it works well for competitions such as dressage and jumping. The Westphalian has also been used in the military.

Breed bonus: Strength +3, Discipline +2, Speed +0, Endurance +0, Agility +2


Arabian Horse

The Arabian Thoroughbred is one of the most famous breeds in the world. They are lively, friendly, and very intelligent. The Arabian Thoroughbreds are descended from the horses used by the Bedouins that believed that their horses were a sacred gift from God. Arabian horses are muscular with small, strong hooves.

Breed bonus: Strength +1, Discipline +2, Speed +0, Endurance +0, Agility +3

Restrictions: Player level 10


Friesian Sport Horse

The Friesian horse has long been cross-bred with other breeds, English and Arabian horses in particular. Over time a unique breed developed, the Friesian Sport Horse. These have the long, wavy mane and tail of the Friesian, and a calm and easy temperament. They come in many different colors and are often very athletic with increased endurance. 

Breed bonus: Strength +3, Discipline +2, Speed +0, Endurance +0, Agility +2

Restrictions: Player level 8


Tinker Horse

The Tinker Horse originates from Ireland. It’s a powerful horse with a calm temperament. The breed originates from the horses used by the wandering people in the old days to drag carts and wagons. The horse is friendly and easily trainable, known for its work spirit, and fits most uses.

The Tinker Horse is often pinto colored but exists in all colors. The size varies within the breed, some can be almost the size of a pony while others are the size of a work horse. One outstanding feature is the forceful hoof hair and the long mane and tail.

Breed bonus: Strength +4, Discipline +2, Speed +0, Endurance +0, Agility +1

Restrictions: Player level 6


North Swedish Horse

The North Swedish Horse evolved from the prehistoric forest horse that lived in northern Europe. The North Swedish is cold-blooded and was formerly used in agriculture and forestry but today it is also a popular riding horse. It is a versatile horse which is good at running, jumping, dressage, and western riding, but is also durable and very strong, which is great for pulling timber in the forest.

Breed bonus: Strength +5, Discipline +1, Speed +0, Endurance +2, Agility +0

Restrictions: Player level 8


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    • I don’t mean to sound ungrateful – I looked forward to the Valley for a long time. But I also really looked forward to the new breed. And it’s been almost a month, and not even so much as a sneak peek? It makes you wonder if they forgot. -.-

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  11. I am currently fixing the elevator to use upon exiting and entering the Valley. I haven’t explored even a small bit of the Valley – only the area I had to come down and the place where the control room is – and I can already tell Dino Valley is gonna be a lot of fun, and it will also supply me some well needed bonding time with my NS, Hawkeye. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. :3

  12. About to meet up with Elizabeth (my fave character; she has the same name as me lol) in the Valley. :D I’m really glad they so far haven’t had any quests that are “wait until tomorrow” quests for the Dino Valley! Of course, there might be some further along the way, but let’s hope not. :P Hawkeye is really enjoying the nice cold weather…. I’ll be riding him a lot more in the future due to the extreme temperatures of Dino Valley, and he hasn’t been getting ridden much anyway, so this is a treat for him (he’s the newISH NS from Fort Pinta).
    I gtg for dinner, but I’ll be back on later. CAN’T WAIT! >.< :D

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      • Doing that right now and yeah, I noticed. XD

      • And nice to meet you. Glad to be on your Friends list. :)
        Everyone, just in case anyone reading this wants to meet me, I’m Lizbeth Mountainside, and I’m usually on around 7 pm Central US time. SEND ME MAIL OR FRIEND INVITES! XD
        And as for the Valley of the Hidden Dino…IT IS AMAZING! I won’t spoil it for all of you who have yet to unlock it, but…OMG!!!!!!!!!!

      • Is he holding a floating refrigerator on a leash? lol

        • I saw that to! What was it?? xD me and my friend are big roleplayers, so we were HYPED! And, besides our timelines,mwe got to explore it together! :3 unfortunately she had to go before we could start.. D:

        • I WAS GONNA SAY…”AM I SEEING THINGS?” Apparently not. XD

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    • I’m going to see it tomorrow (Friday)! :P And actually, double SC is usually in the middle of the month, so it should be this week or next week. :D

  15. Yes! We have a sneak peak of the new breed and confirmation that it is the FJORD! Woohoo! I still have 550sc after buying the North Swedish and they will be coming out December 10th so I will have about 750sc by then. Hopefully they are around that ballpark. Check it out on the news section of the star stable site! I just don’t know if I want to buy the dun, or the ulsblakk dun(grey dun). I’ll eventually buy all of them, though, hehe. So excited!

  16. Arvella Kingbear said:

    I never comment, but I’m so excited! We finally saw a sneak peak and a release date! FJORDS! I hope they’re around the same price as the Northerns, but I doubt it. Luckily I have 3500 star coins right now, so I’ll buy one when they come out and wait for the other colors to see which one(s) I like the most. I do really doubt though that they’ll be cheap like the Northern Swedish horses. The Northern Swedish Horses are most likely cheap because people “need” them to go into Dino valley. I’m predicting they’ll be around the ball park of 890 or higher.

  17. FJORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • thought you would XD I literally have 0 sc tho.. :'(

    • Arvella Kingbear said:

      Which do you plan on buying first? The Grey Dun and/or the Brown Dun?


        • Ashley Pandalake said:

          I would choose the brown dun it’s so flipping adorable!

        • Arvella Kingbear said:

          It really can’t, but it’s better than not at all! I just wish we could have the horses to play with over the school break, but I’m happy with the release date already. I’m thinking of getting the brown dun, I love the grey dun too but when I think of Fjords, the brown dun comes to mind.

  18. im not a fjord person, but I’m so happy for u guys

  19. but next horse better b a rocky mountain!!!

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    Bye, Isabel Silvermountain

  22. Ashley Pandalake said:

    Which Frisian sprit horse should I get? I don’t want the Oreo one because of my opinion…
    OR should I wait for the fjord as a Christmas gift for myself (I just realized that made no sense lol)

    • Arvella Kingbear said:

      Wait for the Fjord, and then decide. You don’t want to buy the Friesian sport and then regret it

  23. Nicole Dawnright said:

    Which North Swedish Horse should I get? I really like them all and I can’t decide D:!!

    • Arvella Kingbear said:

      If I were you, I’d go to Dino valley and see them. People are riding them around, and you’ll get a better idea since they’re wearing tack and different hair styles

  24. soooo many expeditions XD Calm down Nic, calm down XD

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    but other than that it is seriously amazing! and I can’t wait to meet the new people, they make me think of avatar. spoiler: And the “strange horses!” I hope they will be unicorns XP

  27. Found out how to put pictures! (I think)
    The amazing fjord I want:

  28. Bday tomorrow, and I might get 1000 SC. Meaning I’ll have 1,301 coins. I want to get a horse that is under 700 coins so I will still have enough for the Fjords. Or should I just save to get both the Fjords? LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! :)

    • see the fjords first; they might be releasing more then 2! lucky, i currently have EXACTLY 1,100 SC………. in the end ill have 1,300! :3

    • Get the chestnut Morgan, it is the BEST for everything, I know the stats say different but I won 3 championships with him on levels 1-3

  29. Nighty night! :3

  30. I am such a fjord person look here :3

  31. why well i own one before i had to sell it to mah cousin her name was shiningstar she was a beauitful mare cant wait for fjord horse update good night to all! :D

  32. Where could I find a large snow blanket, night riding bridle and white leg wraps??? Help

  33. Hi! Who can tell me where in Star Stable you can buy a Fjord? (sorry for my bad English, I am Netherlands and I can not good English)

  34. i just fell off the big mountain in fur grove and velendale, like, literally from the top, ended up near the river, AND SURVIVED

  35. omg :D :D

  36. Hey guys! So I had 1,301 coins today, and I was maybe gonna save them all, but then I decided if I got both Fjords at once, I’d never be able to choose which one to ride anyway. So I got a Westphalian and named him Carrotcake. I’m not really one for choosing horses based on their stats, and I just loved his color, and he was so cute…! XD They’re actually really good horses. :)
    Anywho…yeah. Happy Birthday to me…? XD I feel really selfish right now…. :3

  37. does anyone know when the snow starts? and also are there better horses for snow, like, north sweedies better than jorvik ponies IDK

    • Nicole Dawnright said:

      It will most likely be on Dec. 10th. We already know it’s the new release date for the new horses so it will also probably bring snow. But the snow that covers the map doesn’t affect your horse unlike in Dino.

  38. Luna Starhall said:

    Snow will most likely arrive to Jorvik sometime around Christmas, and unlike in Hidden Dinosaur Valley the cold or snow does not affect your horse, regardless of the breed.


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