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A legend says that the island of Jorvik was a desolate rock in a dark, cold sea until a star fell from the sky.

A faint glow rose from the crater, and from it came a girl on a horse. She rode gracefully over the water’s surface which calmed down. In her right hand she carried a light.

The girl and her horse reached the desolate island and put the light down in the centre of it. Immediately, life started spreading everywhere and the once cold and dark place transformed into an island of warmth and light.

The island of Jorvik has always nurtured a close bond to its horses and some say that they are the very soul of the land.

You’ve come to Jorvik to spend the summer at Moorland Stable, where you’ll be working and taking care of a horse of your own. After the summer is over, you may be accepted to the Jorvik Hippological Institute, which means staying on the island and starting a life there; a life filled with horses and adventure.

The legend of Jorvik says that in times of much despair and darkness a girl will once again appear on horseback to bring light and hope to what seems to be lost.

Are you that girl?

And so begins our introduction of the game as the camera zooms down on you and your horse. Compared to other adventure genre games, I love how this one jumps right into the action and the problem with it all: Mr Kembell and that dastardly G.E.D.
This blog is meant as a walkthrough to the game, not necessarily as explicit instructions on how to play the game. That you will have to learn on your own.

If you have any questions though, feel free to comment on any of the blog posts, or you can message me in game.ย  I play on the English server. If you play on either of the other servers I apologize you are not able to do this, so please comment here and I will happily help you.

The character I play for the walkthrough is Rita Turtlefoot. My main character I play is Maggie Oldcamp. Feel free to message me on either character.