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I’ve made a schedule of each type of fish required on each day of the week and the particular fishing spot to go to for that day.

I’ve listed the location as I’ve named them, and have description and map screenshots for each location below the list.

Day of the Week – Fish Needed – Location

Monday – Northern Pike – Labyrinth Shore

Tuesday – Perch – Broken Bridge

Wednesday – White Croaker – Little Beach Jetty

Thursday – Cod – Stable Beach Dock

Friday – Herring – East Dock

Saturday – Whitefish – Smuggler’s Den

Sunday – Plaice – Longbridge


Location Descriptions

Labyrinth Shore

Go through Labyrinth Shore and after you come off of the narrow water trail, directly to your right is the dock. If you get to the Smuggler’s Den you’ve gone to far.


Broken Bridge

Standing on the road facing the broken bridge going west, take a left down the hill towards the water. Go all the way down to the beach and turn right. Run down the beach past the broken bridge (you’ll have to navigate between two large rocks). The dock is on the other side.


Little Beach Jetty

Facing the bridge connecting the road to the village, turn right and run down the beach. It’s the little dock you can see across the water, while standing on the northeast corner of the boardwalk around the village.


Stable Beach Dock

At the end of the long bridge connecting the stables island to the village, immediately turn left onto the beach. Continue on the beach around the island. It is the second dock on the beach in that direction.


East Dock

At the end of the east most southern docks. The little fishing sign at the end of the west dock is NOT a fishing spot, though deceptively labeled.


Smuggler’s Den

Go through Labyrinth Shore and continue past the Smuggler’s Den cave. The dock is on the righthand side immediately past a large boulder. If you go around completely past Scarecrow Hill, you’ve gone too far.



On the lefthand side running north from the village to the stables island. The sign is on the bridge.

If you have trouble finding any of these places feel free to contact me to my character Maggie Oldcamp. I’d be more than willing to meet up with you and show you where the locations are.