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I am splitting up Day 4 because the free version of the game ends at day 4. But once you upgrade, more quests immediately become available to do that day.

Afraid of Ghosts?


These horseshoes will be better than I could ever imagine! If I only had some Shiny Ghost Ore I could make them even better… Like they were made back in the old times, when ancient, crafted items were full of magic and secret powers.

Take this mining pick and ride to Jarl’s Tomb, close to Doyle’s Abbey. Use it on the ancient rocks to mine Shiny Ghost Ore. I need only two lumps of this rare metal.

Objectives: Bring two samples of Shiny Ghost Ore from Jarl’s Tomb.

Rewards: 25 Jorvik Shillings, 75 XP

Reputation: 15 with Keepers of Aideen

Oohh shiny…

Jarl’s Tomb is a lovely place. Lovely and creepy in all its ghostly essence.

When riding on the east most road north, where the road splits, instead of turning right to go to Fort Pinta, turn left, and the trail to the tomb is immediately behind the Abbey on your right. You have to dismount your horse to go into the tomb. While you might not be afraid of ghosts, your horse is.

Return to Conrad when you have collected the ore.


These are perfect samples of Shiny Ghost Ore. Well done Rita. Now I will add the last small ornaments.

Quest completed

Return to Conrad tomorrow.


Day 4

Spikes for the Shoes


While I am finishing these shoes, find me some horseshoe spikes so I can fit them to Summerblaze. A long time ago, long before both you and I were born, an ancient tribe lived here in Jorvik. They lived happy and in harmony with the spirits of nature and their horses were full of powers we can’t even imagine today… They had a big camp just south of here on the seashore, and you can still find relics from that time there. If you’re lucky, you can dig in the sand and find some very special old horseshoe spikes.

I need only eight ancient horseshoe spikes.

Objectives: Find eight ancient horseshoe spikes on the beach and bring them to Conrad.

Rewards: 25 Jorvik Shillings, 75 XP, Paddock Jacket

Reputation: 15 with Keepers of Aideen

The spikes are on the beach, and the quickest and easiest way to get there, now that the championship race is in place, is to go around behind Moorland stables by Mrs Holdsworth’s house.

Collect the spikes and return to Conrad.


Fine spikes indeed. Now I will continue my work on the horseshoes. Come back later; I may need your help again!

Quest completed

This is where the quests end if you are on the basic account status.

As stated before, please remember that it takes a lot of hard work, time, and effort to create and run a game of this magnitude.

If you want to continue with the quests, you will have to upgrade. Believe me when I say this, for a six-month upgrade ($30) costs less than a week of food. And remember game developers need to eat too! Your patronage will not go unrewarded!