Welcome to the second addition of Top Search Sunday!

Quest Cheats

There are none. You’re going to have to do everything yourself just like the rest of us.

Person who likes dandelions

Mrs Holdsworth. Remember, she made the dandelion potion for the sick cow.

Conrad Marsdeen’s tools

I answered this in the previous TSS, but I’ll answer it again since people are still searching for it.

The tools are still highlighted in orange on your minimap. They can be found scattered along the ground near the pole bending course in Moorland.

The riddle of steel quest

This quest is fairly straightforward, if you need help, the post about it is here.

Where is the clincher?

See the section above about Conrad’s tools.

Hidden quests

Locations, sans dialogue, can be found here.

How to get to Loretta?

You will find Loretta eventually, continue with your quests. If you need help the post for it is here.