Learn to Jump

You have to be a Star Rider to be able to jump, but on the fifth day of quests, Justin Moorland will be at Steve’s farm, and will teach you how to jump.

Mississippi Jones Quests

I have been getting A LOT of questions about these quests, and all I have to say is that I honestly don’t remember the specific clues from the quests, so saying you need help with the Mississippi Jones quests will not help me. If you can tell me the clue given to you in the quests, I will be able to help you more efficiently.

Correct me if I’m wrong but these quests are reached at level 10. My character for the blog is about halfway through level 9, so I should get to these quests soon!

Find the Ornaments Quest

This one is a little hard to describe, but I’ll try my best.

On the west side of the castle, just off the road, down in the ditch around the castle, there is a little dirt trail that goes between two pointy rocks. Up the little rise, immediately to the right, behind the bushes, is the hidden decorations.


Find Mr Bucket

Mr Bucket is located all the way at the northern most part of the West Jorvik Highway, across from the Baroness’ riding track. Before the construction site, east of the road, there’s a big hill that rises towards the construction site. Mr Bucket is at the top of the hill.


Rare Metal Quest

The trail to find the rare metal starts up in the north by the Baroness’ racing track.


The trail starts here, head straight north.

Because this spot is also a secret location, I will not post the exact map location, though you are given the direct coordinates from the quest.

Valedale Lake Dark Core Guard

I actually don’t know anything about this. I noticed when it was added several weeks ago, and I think it will have something to do with later quests. At the moment it is nothing that you can interact with.

How Long Until Alex Gets Back to You

I’m assuming this is after you free Linda from the castle.

I haven’t gotten to the part when Alex does find you again with my blog character, but it is at least a few days. You will build the gondola, help Steve with the holes on his farm, and get Marley’s jumping track under way. Alex will find you shortly after that. I’m currently working on the post for these quests right now, so stay tuned.

Hidden Quest Locations

Can all be found here!


My list of searches is definitely getting longer, holy dang guys! I love that you’re reading the blog and finding it useful. As always, I’m here to help. If you have a specific questions, feel free to comment on any of the blog posts or on the Get Help Here page. You can also message me in-game. My main character is Maggie Oldcamp. My blog character is Rita Turtlefoot.

Hope you have a happy Sunday!

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