Today is a short list, and a bit repetitive from last week but I will still answer your questions!

How to get past G.E.D. worker / Blocked Valedale lake pass

This has been in place for the last couple weeks now, but there isn’t any thing to do with it. I’m sure it will probably have something to do with the up coming story quests in the future. At the moment, there’s nothing you can do to get past him.

Find Butler

The butler (the only one in the game) is Godfrey, who works at the Silverglade Winery. He is also the person you go to for the Mississippi Jones quests to find “Butler_01”

Old gondola lift

This is located north of the Everwind fields. Take the West Jorvik Highway (the road going north out of Silverglade Village) and at the north most point on the road you will find the location of the old gondola lift. If you follow the road a little more north, you’ll be in the tunnel construction site, which you will need to go to for the gondola building quests.

Learn to jump

You have to be a Star Rider to do this. On the fifth day of quests, Justin Moorland will be at Steve’s farm and will teach you how to jump.

Secret quest locations

I won’t tell you where the secret locations to find on the map are, but I’m assuming you mean the hidden quests. I don’t have the dialogue for these quests yet, but the map locations are documented here.

Where is Conrad the smith

He is in Moorland, in between the west and north gates of Moorland stable. If you follow Tan’s first race track, starting from the Bobcat girls, take the road around the outside of the stables. There’s a slight bend in the road to the right, but at that bend, go straight, off the road there’s a trail into the woods. The smithy is down that trail.


That’s it for today. As always, if you have any specific questions, please post a comment on any of the blog posts or the Get Help Here page. You can also message me in game on the American server, Maggie Oldcamp or Rita Turtlefoot.

Have a happy Sunday!