Whose Hat is That?

When you find the hat in Jasper’s attic, it is strangely like the hat James in Fort Pinta wears -winkwink-

Old foundations for gondola lift locations

They should be marked on your map in orange, but the first one is right across the road, and then there’s two large boulders and a little rise in the land. Go between the boulders and up towards the mountain the observatory is on. The rest of the foundations are in that direction.

Silverglade castle

I’m not really sure what the question is, but all I know is that once you free Linda from it, there isn’t much else to do with it. The only other time that you will need to go into the castle is to look at the painting of the key to get into Goldenleaves Valley.

Mississippi Jones quests

I am working on these right now! The official post should be finished by the end of this week. In the mean time player Amanda has posted a great little guide to the clues in the comments on the Get Help Here page.

Ms Morse on the mountain pass

Once on the mountain pass, you can’t miss her. She is right off to the side of the trail, more towards Valedale Lake than Firgrove. To get to the mountain pass, there are two ways. From Valedale Lake, follow the trail as if you were running the Valedale Lake race (coming in from Valedale, past the horse transport, facing Mr Andersson, go to the left). At the end of the bridge there is a sharp turn to the left and the trail splits. Take the right trail upwards into the mountains. Coming from Firgrove, the trail starts along the road just outside the palisades. The trail head is between a large boulder and the second lamp, to the right of the road, when you are facing away from Firgrove.

Lapis lazuli

You will need these stones for Conrad Marsdeen to make blue dye for your riding jacket. It can be found up in Nilmer’s Highland. Follow the trail as if you were riding the Bobcat Girls’ track. Right when the trail leaves the road and goes along behind the abandoned farm, that is where the stones are. If you get to the meadow where the circus cart is, you’ve gone too far.

Barney’s silo

His silo is beside the field next to the field behind Steve’s farm. Leaving the east gate of Silverglade village, follow the road straight east past Steve’s farm. Barney’s silo will be on the right.

Where is Doyle’s Chapel

The chapel is inside the walls, at the corner between Fort Pinta and Moorland roads. Follow the trail behind Mary to get to the chapel.

Present for Ms Morse from Crew Lead (aka Bengt)

I’m assuming this is after they meet and he wants a present to give to her for his proposal. He suggests the present should have something to do with pole bending. Speak with Josh in Moorland about a present, as he also likes pole bending.