Sorry I haven’t been posting much this week. I’ve been really sick.

A little advice to y’all. Money is gross. As a cashier, I’ve seen some of the horrible places people keep their money (and I don’t mean wallets or purses, or even pockets!). So while you may want to take in the fresh scent of the crisp bill you got for your allowance, don’t put that near your face. Just don’t. You don’t know where it’s been….

And if you do handle money frequently as part of your job, keep a bottle of hand sanitizer near, and wash your hands as often as you can. Your immune system will thank you.

But I digress, let’s get to the questions!

Mississippi Jones’ first clue

Can be found along the wall of Fort Pinta, right next to the bridge.

Someone who likes video games as much as Crew Lead (in Northlink)

Ms Morse. She is the one you got the video game from to begin with. Go back to the Firgrove Mountain Pass where you first found her.

Message in a bottle

The start of this quest can be found as bottle floating in the water around Thorny Banks.

Sorry about the link on the sidebar to the hidden quests wasn’t working. That should be fixed!

How to get past Old Man Jasper

This will be done in the course of your story quests, so make sure to keep playing!

Reputation with Keepers of Aideen, Sun Circle

This will be available when you get about half way through level 13, via story quests. Elizabeth will start you with your druid training. Once you get the walkthrough of all the different exercises, they will become daily quests that you will need to do to build your reputation, so make sure you do them everyday.

How to get across the broken bridge

I’m assuming you mean the one near Moorland. Currently there is no way across. I’m sure it will be fixed in future updates of the game, so be patient!

What is my blog avatar?

This isn’t really a question that has been searched for on the blog, but I have been asked in game, and I’m sure you’re all wondering anyway.

The picture is of my German Shepherd dog character named Dave. I purchased the avatar from an artist on Deviantart.com. I don’t claim credit to the art, but having purchased it I own the right to use it where I choose. Besides Star Stable, I do play several other online games (mostly browser based sim games) and Dave is my alter-ego/character/online face. He’s a pretty awesome guy, if I do say so myself -smugface-

The avatars on this blog are plugins via Gravatar. You can upload your own avatar to use on the blog by creating a Gravatar account, or creating a WordPress account and linking your Gravatar that way.


Thanks for reading, and thanks to the players who have been helping answer questions in my absence. You know who you are. Give yourself a cookie, you’ve earned it!

Lastly, I realize that sometimes the images appear weird on the screen when the page loads (either they’re squished or are just super tiny). I don’t know why this happens, but all you have to do is refresh the webpage and the images should load as normal.

That’s all for this week. Happy gaming!