Mr Bucket

He can be found on the hill next to the road at the northern most point on the West Jorvik Highway, near the construction site, and across from the Baroness’ racing track.

Message in a Bottle

This is a hidden quest, which I have at least provided the locations to them, sans dialogue (I won’t be doing these until my blog character gets to Goldenleaves Valley so I can do all three at once). There is a quick link to the hidden quests on the sidebar.

One Saved Two Remain Quest

I’m assuming you’re having trouble finding the other two tourists, then. They are in the field behind Steve’s farm. If you go to Steve’s farm, get to the field by going next to the stable. They are right at the top of the little hill, on the edge of the field, quite near the feed box on the Steve’s farm racetrack.

Where is Tan

Tan is standing outside the gates of Moorland stable, near Loretta, and the Bobcat girls paddock.

Minka in Firgrove

She is in a little clearing off of the main road to Firgrove. The trail leads off, very near to Firgrove. If you are riding towards Firgrove it is right before the little jog in the road. The trailhead is marked with a banner over the top of it.

List of Best Clothes for Competitions

I actually don’t have one, but if you were all willing to help make suggestions, I would gladly make one!

Right now, I am wearing the Valedale druid outfit and that seems to be the fastest outfit I currently have. I know the Goldenleaves set is pretty good too. Generally, though, expensive items (thus giving better stats) can mostly be found in the fishing village.

How to make character disappear so everyone only sees a horse.

This is actually a glitch in the game, that can be exploited by editing the game’s data files on your computer. I am not going to tell you how to do this, because 1: it can/will effect your gameplay in a negative way, and 2: such exploitation could actually be punishable by the game mods (if they choose to do so). If you are so desperate, I am sure there are other players who will tell you how to do this, but I strongly do not recommend it.

This was not in the top searches, but it caught my eye:

Star Stable Online Zombie

My reaction: o.O

I’m not really sure what you mean, have heard about this, or are looking for. I certainly have not heard of a zombie in the game. There are ghosts, and enchanted scarecrows, but I have yet to come across any zombies. If there are zombies, I unfortunately left my zombie-fighting pack at home, for this game. Maybe John Marston from Red Dead Redemption/Undead Nightmare can lend me his?

(And if you wondered why I wasn’t online all week I was sick, that other game is why ^^ )

Lastly, I always find it entertaining to see the viewer stats of my blog. My favorite is the map of the viewer locations across the world. Totally cool. At the end of the year, WordPress publishes a year-end stat report on your blog. While I’m sure I am piggybacking on the success of the game, I am still a bit impressed by these stats, considering the blog has only been open about two and a half months.

I made the report public, for you all to see, in case you were curious too. šŸ™‚

SSORT year-end stat report


Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend, and here’s to looking forward to the next one!