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Jumping quests

You have to be a Star Rider to be able to jump. If you are upgraded, just keep doing your quests. On day five, Justin Moorland will appear at Steve’s farm and will teach you how to jump. (If you aren’t keeping track of the days, it will be when you help Steve get rid of the mice on his farm)

How to find Landon

Landon is is the field behind the windmill. He’s kind of between the West Jorvik Highway (the road that goes straight north to the Baroness track) and the Hollow Woods road. Coming from the West Jorvik Highway, you’ll pass a big hill that is parallel to the windmill. Directly after that turn right and go into the field. You’ll pass a couple of sheep standing around. Landon is at the top of that little hill, above the sheep.

Zombie horses vs excavators

Please see the Gondola Building/Video Game quick link on the sidebar for all of these quest sets

I recently pulled them all together into one post, as I saw a lot of people were still asking about these quests.

Where is Godfrey

He can be found at the Winery. Depending on where you are in the game, he will usually be standing directly in front of the main building. But he is always at the Winery.

Blue dye for the tailor

Conrad Marsdeen, the blacksmith, knows how to make excellent blue dye out of lapis lazuli stones. He will send you to Nilmer’s Highland to get them. Follow the little trail just north of the abandoned farm (not through it), towards the meadow with the circus cart. Along that little trail, off to the right and in the bushes, will be little piles of rock with blue stones in it. Take these back to Conrad.

How to find the bear in Firgrove

Take the Fire Trail (just after crossing the bridge take the road to the right, it is not marked on your map) and follow it all the way to the end. There will be a bulldozer parked in another tunnel. There’s a trail off to the left of the road, leading up into the woods. You can follow that trail all the way up to the bear’s cave.

Star locations

I will NOT be posting the exact locations of the stars on the blog, for the same reason I will not be posting secret locations. Finding the stars is not crucial to progression in the game. I feel that it’s okay to get help on tricky parts of the game so that you can continue to move on, I don’t think that every single aspect of game play should be given as a handout (which is also why, on the gear list I am making I will not be making a list of the best outfits. You will have to do that on your own). Please don’t get mad at not being able to find the stars. As of right now there aren’t even any rewards given for finding them all. If you want to message me in the game I will be happy to help you, but I will not post the locations on the blog.

How to unlock Golden Hills Valley

This will be done through the course of the story (about halfway through level twelve). So just keep doing your story quests!


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“bengt is on vacation until 10th of february and i think it’s important that he participating to this meeting. don’t you?”

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