It’s a chilly Sunday here in Wisconsin, time to bundle up, and report this week’s top searches!

Star Stable Cheats

There are none.

I make this blog to help you with getting through the game. I completely understand being stuck on a certain part and not being able to advance because of it. Things that do not relate to advancing through the game (i.e. stars, secret locations) will not be posted on the blog. If you need help finding them, please contact me in game and I can show you a few.

I am working on the gear inventory. These will be linked via the new ‘Gear Inventory’ page on the top navigation. The list is only meant to help you quickly browse all the gear available in the game. There will be no list of the ‘best’ outfits, as I feel that is a very subjective thing. If you want to be better at a certain stat, you will have to find the gear that best boosts that stats. I will not tell you what the ‘best’ outfit is.

Message in a Bottle Quest

This is is one of the hidden quests, and I have the maps and objectives, sans exact dialogue, listed in the Hidden Quests quick link on the sidebar. If you have a certain specific question with it, feel free to comment on the post or on the Get Help Here page.

‘Wild Horse’ Glitch

I will NEVER post how to do it on the blog, no will I tell you, even if you ask in game. I strongly do not recommend doing it because you have to edit the game’s data files and it can/will cause your game to crash. Also, if the game creators want you to be able to play as your horse, they would have made that option available. Please, just don’t do it. This is another one of those touchy subjects for me, as is the issue of complaining about the cost of membership. You can see my full reasoning stated on the About SSORT page.

Valentines Letters

I didn’t note the exact locations, as I will not be posting these quests on the blog. I will say though, that all of the letters are inside Silverglade Village (so you do not have to go outside the walls) and they can be found inside the gardens and behind the houses in the village. They aren’t hard to get to, and the area to search isn’t very big. I found them all in only a couple of minutes. Just keep looking!

Special Plants for Elizabeth

I just published the post for these quests. The water lily can be found in the reeds along the river. Go across the bridge, from Elizabeth’s house, then turn left and go along the trail next to the river, towards the waterfall. The thorns are on the trail going up to the Observatory. Once you leave the Hollow Woods, and start heading up into the mountains, the thorns are right on the edge of the trail. Or even kind of on the trail. They’re hard to miss. Once you have both ingredients, take them back to Elizabeth.

Taking Pictures/Video in Game

You have to use a screen capture program. There are a few good ones around, but I recommend Fraps (which is what I use for the blog). It’s free to download and use as much as you want. There are certain features (like unlimited video or taking pictures as different file types, you will have to pay for) but for the basic purposes it works very well. It saves the pictures right to your computer’s hard drive, in a folder that you can designate,  so you can take as many pictures as you want in the game, and then go through and edit them later.