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You’ll get there eventually. Now please stop freaking out about it.

I have been telling users that it unlocks about halfway through level 12, because that’s when I got to it several years ago. When new quests are added they are not always tacked onto the end of the quest progression. When they are stuck into the middle, that adjusts the quest progression. I have no control over this and being caught up with the game, I don’t know for sure where in the line the new quests are put in, as they are new for me as well. I realize now that it takes longer than level 12 to get to Goldenhills Valley, and I apologize for saying otherwise. There is nothing I can do though. All I can say is keep doing your story quests, and you will get to it eventually. I won’t delete comments asking this question, but I will answer them all the same way, as I did here.

Really, it’s not THAT exciting. If anything, all the yellow and orange starts to hurt your eyes after a while. So please chill. You aren’t missing much.

Here are the quests that start the story arc to opening the gate.

As far as I am aware, it unlocks about halfway into level 14.