The question was asked before, about what to do if you are a victim of or see bullying or harassment happening in the game. Here is some more information from another player who has gotten a response directly from the game team about what to do.

Moorland Girls

As many of you know, I’m very pro  mod.  (Moderator) I’m only one of many. I sent in yet another letter and I finally got a response back. It wasn’t really what I was expecting or even hoping for. But I’ll share it, because it does give important information about what to do if you need to report another player.


Hello there, Please forgive me if this isn’t sectioned under the right subject, what I’m about to ask certainly feels like a game issue. How do you want players to proceed when it comes to reporting player issues? And by that I mean, how do you want us as a player base to report and handle issues like:

— Bullying

— Cursing

— Spam

I’m asking because for global chat, this is a constant. If I could describe the global channel in a word, it would be volatile. It’s always an…

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