Hi! I’m Anna, a new contributor to Star Stable Online Ride Through! I’m going to be writing once a week, installing a new chapter each time to a fictional story, set on the Island of Jorvik. My first story, the first chapter written here, is called ‘Wishspers’. Hope you enjoy!:)


I live on the Island of Jorvik, a place well known for the astounding beauty and nature surrounding the small villages, but also, or rather, mainly for the stables and horses living on the island. Great. Some old island with ‘stunning nature’ and a load of animals that trample around nosily all the time. Just what I like to see in an Island.

I moved out here 5 years ago, when my parents died in a car crash. I don’t care. They didn’t love me anyway, and I much preferred my Granddad in character and style. Though, when he decided that it wasn’t a good idea to live in the same town my parents died in, and that we were moving to some old Fishing Town on the outskirts of a huge Island, I wasn’t exactly leaping for joy. I was happy back in Mandeville – I had friends, and the cottage was nice. But no, it apparently wasn’t anything to do with me, and Granddad had made the decision and whatever I said would be heard but disregarded, as we were leaving the very next day. So I said goodbye to my friends, who promised to visit every summer (well that worked out of course, some friends they were) and set off, on, according to my Granddad, a brand new adventure.

I don’t go to school here. When I first got here, I had to travel miles by horse to school in a village called Silverglade. Lets just say that teachers don’t respect having a bucket of water be placed ‘accidentally’ over their heads so that when they open the door, it will spill over them, so, after a stern speaking to, my Granddad pulled me out of school and started to home-school me. And that’s where I am now. And I love it. Each term I pick a subject, like History or Geography, and then I have to research the history of the island, or why we have a certain type of tree growing there, as a project of freedom aside from English, Maths, Science and my other chosen subjects. My Granddad trusts me, and me and my horse Braveheart are allowed to ride out to any of the permitted places on the island and draw, or collect information. It’s great. And it’s about to get even better…..

Me and Brave were just riding down to Moorland, the main stables in the South of Jorvik. We were riding there to speak to Thomas, owner of the Stables and, turns out, Father of the cutest guy ever! So, he told me the owners of my horse had heard how well we were getting on together and have proposed a slight discount on him, so that I can buy Brave! As I was riding out of the village back home to tell Granddad, I bumped into a guy who introduced himself as Justin. He is so nice and kind, and he introduced me to the others around Moorland: May, Loretta, Tanya and Jen. They’re all quite nice, apart from Loretta, who thinks she owns Justin, but we’ll soon show her! Anyways, he invited me back there tomorrow to check out Braveheart and said he has a surprise! I can’t wait!


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