Hey Guys! So a slightly shorter chapter today, but I may upload two next week, just for a bonus! Didn’t really know what to call this one, but hey ho, and I hope you enjoy the second installment of Wishspers!:)


I was riding down to Moorland today, just minding my own business when some huge yellow truck appeared, freaking the daylights out of Brave. He screamed and ran in the opposite direction, slitting his knee on some thorns. He threw me off on the road to Silverglade, and ran into the fields ahead. I thought I’d lost him. The truck driver couldn’t have cared less. He just drove on, and told me to ‘Watch it, or next time my horse wouldn’t be so lucky’. He had a sickening grin plastered to his face as he passed, leaving me stunned, glued to the dusty floor. I didn’t move for a while, shaken from the fall. But I heard Brave crying out and pulled myself out of the trance, jumping up and chasing his pleas, running wildly across the meadows. I saw someone trying to calm him, but it wasn’t working. He didn’t seem to listen to anyone else; Granddad aside, and was trotting around wildly, flaring his nostrils out. A man called Landon was the person trying to calm him. I was tired from running and walked towards him, relaxed after knowing he was safe. By the time I reached the shepherd, he and Brave were practically best friends, after a nice pat and a well-earned carrot! He said that those awful trucks were planning to invade the beauty of the island and build houses everywhere, destroying the nature. Yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking, the girl who, though living here for five years, three days ago, after a month with Braveheart, she was nattering on about trampling beasts and some rubbish beauty, and would have practically worshiped anyone who had built something that somewhat reminded her of modern life, once you’re here, it just sticks, all I have to say. So, I will be beside the people of Moorland (and Justin!) until the very end!

So, after my little run-in with the BYB (Big Yellow Bulldozer), I went on down to Moorland to meet Justin. He checked Brave over (like he said) and then asked me if I was ready for my surprise! I couldn’t resist, so I’m here now, staying at Jen’s Hotel in Moorland for the night, and I cannot even explain how excited I am!


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