Hey Guys! Fancy seeing all of you here! Just an extra bonus story for this week, thought it might be nice little surprise (even though I told you!) SO, I bring you, part three of my series Wishspers! Hope you enjoy and please do let me know down below or on the Game!


Oh My Gosh!

It was amazing! We awoke so early yesterday, and raced down to Silverglade, grabbing the best of the morning bread and then we started: The Surprise

Turns out, as I was new, he had planned a day of touring and a picnic! I was truly touched! No one had ever been so kind or thoughtful towards me before, but now I felt that I finally belonged, after five years on this Island! We rode into the Castle and imitated the grand pictures, and then rode down over to Nilmer’s Highland. There we found the circus. The guy who owns it, Olaf I think he was called, somehow knows Justin and offered us free tickets to the Opening Night! We said yes and stayed chatting for a while and then went down towards the beach. He told me an amazing story about the broken bridge above – about how there used to be championships over onto the other side, and galloping through the bridge, a young man had fallen to the sea below and died! WE kept cantering onward  and soon came to an old den, with hay stacks and old sacks of corn and a canoe. We sat and ate the picnic and cloud watched for hours, talking about life, where I came from. He asked me about my parents, but I steered off the conversation quickly. I don’t need the only cool guy on this island  knowing what a total child of freaks I am. As it began to dusk, we rode back into Silverglade Village, to Granddad, who didn’t seem too happy to have found me making new friends. He was ‘far too busy then’ and told me to say Goodbye to Justin and ride on home to do some chores and wait for him for dinner.  So of course I did what he said… with a slight de tour!

I needed to get closer to Justin, and I thought offering for him to come up to my place sometime! He was so nice and polite about the whole Granddad thing, so I invited him for dinner that night. I wanted Granddad to know that I was sensible and could behave. We had already cooked dinner and had laid the table and cleaned by the time granddad got home. At first he seemed a little cold, but as soon as Justin got him onto the subject of the Council Archives, they were getting along like a house on fire. I walked him down to the end of the road, and I felt like we just totally clicked. Is true love real?  Especially for someone like me? I never thought so before, but now my opinion might just be changing…


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