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I guess I was wrong…

I haven’t seen Justin for days. He ran away with some Sabine girl. So much for true love.

I hung around Moorland loads, asking for him, trying to talk. But he kept shoving me away, hanging out with this Sabine girl. He said he was busy, couldn’t talk, packing, until Sunday. He was on that boat. I could have jumped on too, but I didn’t. I froze on Brave, staring as they sailed into the distance, waving? I just don’t understand.  Why would he leave? I asked Alex, a nice girl who had been around recently, but she ran off to Valedale, saying she had some really important stuff to do, but then no one else would tell me why he had gone. Even Granddad and he tells me everything. It’s so annoying, the only one who Justin has been talking to, showing affection(disregarded now) to, being nice to, introducing to people, spending most time with is the only one who doesn’t know why he has gone? It’s plain messed up!

But, just because, people won’t tell, doesn’t mean I won’t find out, does it? I was riding out to the Hollow Woods, doing some research for my current project, and then I bumped into this kinda bonkers looking lady! I mean, I’m not being rude, she was ever so nice, but she asked me if I spoke to my horse? Well, I said yeah, when I am angry, but she said did I get into deep conversation with him? What kind of a stranger asks you that?! She then invited me in for some tea, but I decided that after that interesting conversation, I’d better not. She was carrying this little bag around with her, and it jingled like it was full of stones or something. She caught me looking and suddenly got all shady and covered the bag with her hand, and rushed off, muttering something about getting dinner ready for an early night. I just rode on, all the way to Silverglade, and went straight to Granddad. He said the woman I bumped into was some Elizabeth Sunbeam, and that I must always be polite and respect her if I ever saw her again. Asking why? Me too. But, I’ve given up asking questions for my own special lent. Way too over-rated.


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