Hey kiddies, it’s time for me to throw my two cents in again. This time, on the subject of crime and punishment.

I’m a little alarmed at the people throwing tantrums and calling names when they get suspended from the game. If you get suspended or banned, it is YOUR OWN FAULT! The reason you got banned was because you were not following the game rules, and thus, you deserve to get banned. It does not matter if you read the terms of service or not, you still agreed to them when you joined, and are to be held responsible according to them.

And also, it’s not cool to come back and be nasty towards the people who reported you. It’s like if you saw a crime on the street and called the police, but then the police arrested you for calling them. As a member of a game without active moderators, it is the player’s responsibility to report rule-breaking, if they want a nice, peaceful game atmosphere.

So, don’t want to get banned? Here’s some tips:

1. Behave like a respectable human being.

It really doesn’t take much effort on your part. Just be nice in the chat, don’t swear, don’t bully people, and be polite.


I cannot say this enough! The reason should be obvious, but I can’t believe people still think this is okay. I’ve grown up with computers and it’s been drilled into my head to keep secret passwords secret. There are many reasons not to share your account information. The main one being, that if someone else breaks the rules on your account, YOU will be the one that gets punished. And also, you have no control over what they do on your account. If you want to keep you nice shiny star coins nice and shiny, don’t let anyone else play on your game. If they spend your money, it’s gone. The game staff will tell you tough tooties and that you shouldn’t have shared your account.

And all this business with ‘hackers.’ The pros that break into online bank accounts and Amazon profiles are definitely not interested in an account on a virtual horse game. If someone ‘hacked’ you, it was probably because you shared some part of your account information. If you gave them your email address and they guessed your password, let this be a lesson to make more complicated passwords. Do not use your name, make capital letters and numbers, and make it something hard to guess. I use nonsense words as my passwords, and I’ve never had my accounts breached.

3. Do not post pictures of glitches online. Do not use glitches to access locked areas.

There are reasons those areas are locked.

4. Make purchases with only your own bank account or your parents’ (with their permission).

Using stolen information to purchase star coins is considered credit fraud, and not only will you be banned, but the things you bought with them will be removed from you account.

Also, if you do not have your own bank account, ask your parents nicely. If they find you did it without their permission, they could appeal to the game staff, and you would incur the same punishment as above. Also, you will be in super deep shit with your parents. Good luck asking them for anything ever again.


This is just a short list of offenses I see happen on a regular basis. For a full list of ‘stuff that will get you banned’ please read the game terms of service, under the section Content and Activity Prohibited.

And remember, only you are in complete control of your behavior. Be aware of the rules, behave yourself, and enjoy the game!