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Let’s go see our finished circus tent!

A Taste of the Circus


What a circus! I don’t have a performance ready yet, but I thought that you might want to perform with your horse here on some beautiful day? So you are always welcome here to practice. One day I hope to showcase artists from all over the world here and would like it if you could be one of them? I have miracles for everyone!

Objectives: Speak with Ydris.

Rewards: 30 Jorvik Shillings, 20 XP, Clown Hat

Reputation: 5 with Moorland Stable

Ydris will tell you more about his present for you.


You deserve a huge thanks for all your help with our circus! Here is a little present for you, a magnificent hat, as a token of our gratitude!

Quest completed


Welcome to My World!


To go to a circus or carnival, you always need to have a ticket, whether there is a performance or not. The ticket opens the door to the magical world that a carnival really is. This ticket I have for you is magical and won’t be used up when you enter the circus with it. You will need to show it at the entrance to get in. Would you like this magical ticket?

Objectives: Agree if you want to accept the magical ticket from Ydris.

Rewards: 120 Jorvik Shillings, 45 XP, Magic Ticket

Reputation: 30 with Moorland Stable

Now you can enter the circus tent whenever you want.


You’re welcome Rita, make yourself at home. Welcome to my world!

Quest completed

Hopefully Gretchen made it home this time. Let’s go check with Gunther.

Wrong Way Again


Sigh… Gretchen hasn’t arrived yet. She must be very hungry. Why can’t she find her way home?

(Gunther’s phone rings)

Gretchen! You have to come home now!

What? Are you lost again? Where are you Gretchen?


I understand…


Rita, now she says she is a forest where the leaves on the trees are yellow. She says the leaves are blowing around it is foggy so she can’t find her way out. Find her please Rita!

Objectives: Gretchen says she is in a forest where the leaves on the trees are yellow. She says the leaves are blowing around it is foggy so she can’t find her way out.

Rewards: 5 Jorvik Shillings, 10 XP

Reputation: 5 with Fort Pinta

Reminds you of Goldenleaves Forest, doesn’t it? Let’s go see if we can find her there.


Hello Rita! So nice of you to come find me, I was beginning to get worried I don’t really know where we are.

Quest completed


Fort Pinta! Right Away!


I know, I promised to go straight home but I saw a nice farm and I just HAD to look at a bunch of beautiful yellow trees a long way away and then I went through an iron gate and saw a wolf and then I ran away and then there were a bunch of leaves blowing around and then I was here…

But now I am getting tired of this here and I want to see my Mom and Dad. I’ll go straight there… Tell my parents. We’ll see you in Fort Pinta.

Objectives: Ride back to Fort Pinta and tell Gretchen’s parents she is on her way back.

Rewards: 25 Jorvik Shillings, 25 XP

Reputation: 30 with Fort Pinta

Ride to Fort Pinta and tell Helga that Gretchen is on her way.


So now she is on her way here? I hope she doesn’t get distracted again…

Quest completed

Return to Gunther tomorrow.