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Let’s see if Gretchen finally decided to come home.

Where Did Gretchen Go?


No Rita, Gretchen hasn’t come back yet. I don’t really know what to do… Wait… She is calling!

(Phone rings)

Gretchen! Now you really have to come home!

What? You are lost AGAIN? Where are you Gretchen?



Calm down Gretchen! Help is on its way!


Oh no! Rita! Gretchen is really frightened! She might be in real danger this time. You have to help her! She says she hid in an old ruin and there are scary witches trying to catch her. She was crying in the phone. 

Please, please Rita, bring back our little girl!

Objectives: Gretchen says she hid in an old ruin and there are scary witches trying to catch her.

Rewards: 5 Jorvik Shillings, 5 XP

Reputation: 5 with Fort Pinta

There is an old ruin inside Scarecrow Hill. When standing at the gates, turn immediately towards your left and run along the wall towards the water. There is a secondary wall around the tree. Do not go towards the tree. The ruin is outside the second wall. The ruins are in the lower corner of the Scarecrow Hill area. Gretchen is inside the ruin.


Boohoo! Sniff…

Rita! You found me! I’m so happy to see you!

Sniff… I was on my way home when I saw a broken bridge and then there was a scary tree that I wanted to look at and then an iron gate and then the sky was red and then a scary witch chased me and then I hid here and was terrified! Then you showed up…

Quest completed


From the Witches to the Riding Arena


Sniff… I don’t want any more adventures, Rita. I just want to get home to Mom and Dad.

If I want to ride on the back of your horse? I don’t think so… The witches might pick me off! But maybe you can lure them away so when I run out of here, they chase after you instead?

Ride out of here and I’ll sneak away and we’ll meet at the riding arena.

Objectives: Ride to the riding arena and speak with Gretchen.

Rewards: 20 Jorvik Shillings, 10 XP

Reputation: 15 with Fort Pinta

Leave the ruin and meet Gretchen by the doors to the riding arena.


Hello Rita! You managed to get away from the witches! So did I! Here is my new friend Techno, he has promised to show me the way to Fort Pinta so I don’t get lost.

Quest completed


Techno Shows the Way


Techno has promised to go with me the whole way back to Fort Pinta. He is so kind and he is my new best friend! When we get there, he will get a great big sausage for being such a big help!

-Woof woof!

Yes, yes, Techno. Sausage is really good.. I know!

We’ll see you in Fort Pinta, Rita!

Objectives: Meet Gretchen in Fort Pinta.

Rewards: 10 Jorvik Shillings, 50 XP

Reputation: 15 with Fort Pinta

Ride back to Fort Pinta and speak with Gretchen when she gets there.


Hello Rita! Finally home again! Thank you for saving me from the witches. Now Techno and I are going to eat until we fall over!

Goodbye and thank you for everything!

Quest completed


Grateful Parents


Thank you Rita, for saving our daughter! You are a real hero! My wife and I spoke about how we could possibly thank you. Speak with my wife, she also wants to thank you.

Objectives: Speak with Helga.

Rewards: 50 Jorvik Shillings, 20 XP, Dala Horse Shirt

Reputation: 50 with Fort Pinta

Go and speak to Helga.


Danke Schon, Rita, for helping Gretchen so much. This has been very hard on my poor heart. We thought you might like this nice sweater we bought on our trip as a token of our gratitude. 

Thank you for everything Rita. Goodbye!

Quest completed

Return to Helga tomorrow.