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I rode on and on, not stopping once. I rode straight through Silverglade, Granddad shouting my name. He knew. He knows when I’m not in the mood to talk, when I just want to be alone, my own company. I rode over to the abandoned farm, because no one really crosses over there since the broken bridge – they have no reason to! The farmhouse there is always completely deserted too, except for the memorial of the accident. There’s a procession then. I went inside the farmhouse and sat and cried, cried meaning one salty tear slid down my hot cheek and I brutally wiped it away and settled in between the hay bales, drifting off for a few hours…

A torchlight skimmed through the crack in the door, falling straight in my line of sight. I rose from my sleep, alarmed at the bright light dancing with the darkness outside. What time was it? I glanced at watch, only to heave a great sigh of relief as it had just become dark early, and was just coming up to 9.p.m. I suddenly realised how fast my heart was beating, pounding in my ears, and I gripped backwards on the hay bale to  try and steady the beat and my thoughts, my eyes following the light. I crept to the door, and pulled it open, only a crack, just big enough for me to slip out and be unnoticed. I looked over at Brave; he stood there tall, his ears pricked, clearly aware of unexpected visitors. I looked across at him and he immediately calmed himself. I dashed across the dusty walkway and stroked the tip of his nose, turning on my heel and sneaking off, following in the shadows of the strangers. They stopped mid-track, and I lunged behind the wall to catch some of the conversation.

“Where are we?” A girl mumbled, clearly standing to the left of me. Branches reached down like zombies, touching my shoulders, nipping at my coat, rustling their leaves eerily. The other girl to my right replied, and one zipped something up. The torch light continued to tango with the night, scanning over the bushes and trees surrounding. Suddenly, an awful groan came from behind me, sticks and twigs crackling under someone’s foot. My heart race was pumping again, but my head was to focused on staying quiet and keeping calm to deal with that. The thing was travelling closer, and I felt something dank sweep past me and I covered my ears and face, scared for my life. The two girls screamed, an ear-piercing shriek stabbing the silence. The girl to my left continued to shriek, demanding what it was. She fell silent quickly and began to giggle, as the other shouted at somebody.

“What on earth! What are you doing Emma?” Lily said, startled.

“I I don’t know! I was walking Annie, my dog, when she just ran of into the bushes! I tried to race after her but tripped and fell on my face. I’m not sure what happened after that!” explained Emma

“Ok well let’s go home and we can get hot chocolate and sit in front of the fire to warm you up,” smiled Alice. They turned around, and were heading straight for me. What could I do? If I turned and run, they’d surely see me, or Brave. I couldn’t just pop up and introduce myself ‘Oh, Hi there, fancy meeting you out in pitch black on an autumn evening, not like I was stalking or eavesdropping on you or anything, no, not at all!’ So I didn’t have a choice. I waited till they passed the wall, and watched them walk towards Moorland. I crept behind them, following their path, right up until Braveheart. I mounted swiftly and clasped his mane, ready to make my shock disappearance. No need. I slipped away unnoticed, cantering towards Silverglade, hearing their laughter follow me and intertwine with Brave’s hooves. I would definitely return tomorrow. New, modern Human Life on the island, in the shape and form of my age and gender? This could not be missed.


So for the beady-eyed, well-traveled or just plain clever readers amongst you, you may have guessed that this installment is linked in heavily with Alice Silentbrooke’s first ever story, The Cold, as we have decided, for the next few weeks, that we are collaborating Wishspers with The Cold! Hope you enjoy the future installments, written by both me and Alice! Bye!:D


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