There is a person posting comments using my name and my website as their link. Please be aware this is not me. They have only made one comment on the site (and if that person is reading this, know that if you do it again you will be banned, I don’t care if you meant it as a joke, I do not find it funny) but if they continue to do so, actions will be taken.

This site uses Gravatar generated images that are unique to that person’s IP address, if they do not have a Gravatar profile. If you see any comments using my name, that do not have my Gravatar image, this is not me. Also, whether it is on this site, or any other site, do not share your personal information with anyone. I will never ask for passwords or other information, so if someone does ask you for your information, please report them.

When making comments, the email field is completely optional. Please know that if you enter your email in that box I can see it along with your comment. I will not share your email with anyone else or use it to contact you unnecessarily (obviously if you email me first with a question, I will respond). If you are not comfortable with me being able to see your email address, do not enter it in the email field.

Just a little heads up if this impersonator continues to cause trouble. I may not be able to remove it immediately so I wanted you all to be aware of the issue. And to give you a little lesson in internet safety.

As always, I love you all and am always grateful for your time in reading. Hope you all have a good day and happy riding!