Please say hello and give a warm welcome to my new contributors!

Players Astrid Goldside and Ella Youngforce.

I also have two non-player contributors, who are both good friends of mine and are excellent writers.

Amanda Daul and Jake St. Clare (writing as Rocket Wolf).

We’re still getting some things set up but we should have some great stories ready for you by the end of the week!


I am changing my story ratings and possibly removing them completely.

While most of the stories will be general rating, Jake has an amazing story but it deals in darker themes and images. There may also be brief language and drug or alcohol references. There will not be depictions of sex or nudity.

Please be aware that I do not care to censor my writers as I feel that limits creative output. Stories with questionable content will be clearly marked at the top and if you are not comfortable with said content, just don’t read it!

I want to keep this blog as a friendly and creative atmosphere and I really, really don’t want another shit storm like the one we had over Alice’s war story. This is everyone’s only warning. If you are offended by the content, do not read it. I don’t want any mean or complaining comments left on my writers’ posts.

I know that Star Stable is a game for all ages, but this blog is not connected with the game, and I am not part of the game staff. Please be aware that we are different entities and have different rules for what is appropriate.

That being said, I hope you enjoy the great stories we have in store for you!