Check out the poll page!  I’m looking for some new ideas to add to the blog, to further my vision for the site.

Please be aware I am only looking for ideas. I am glad if you are willing to help out with the site, but I will be looking for volunteers later. If you do not have any ideas to add, please do not use the form. Constructive ideas only. I will not be giving control of the site to anyone else and new ideas must be pertinent to all players, not just a certain club or only Star Riders or certain levels.

I am just one person. This site would not be where it is today without you, the readers. And without readers, the blog is pointless. I am always aware of this, so I am always on the lookout for ideas to make the site more enjoyable for everyone. I am really looking to add more to the ‘just for fun’ sections that explore other aspects of the game besides quests and racing. I really look forward to seeing what you all have in mind. Remember, I do this all for you, so you deserve to have the site you want to see!