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After you complete the Day 65 quests (“Like in a Pink Glimmer…”) these will become available as daily quests.

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Locations on the map are as follows:

Monday –Β 

  • Valedale way, past abandoned summer house
  • Northeast edge of Everwind Fields
  • Baroness’s race track

Tuesday –

  • Hollow Woods, along Silversong Path
  • South of Firgrove Mine
  • Doyle’s Abbey

Wednesday –

  • Abandoned farm at Nilmer’s Highland
  • Outdoor arena near Winery
  • North of Jasper’s farm

Thursday –

  • Goldenleaf Forest
  • Goldenhills mountains, first rift location
  • Scarecrow Hill church ruins
  • Goldenleaf stables island

Friday –

  • South of Silverglade castle
  • Meadow at Nilmer’s Highland, near circus carts
  • Hill south of Winery
  • Scarecrow Hill church ruins

Saturday –Β 

  • South of Firgrove sandpit
  • Firgrove forest, near bear cave
  • Beach of Valedale Lake
  • Hollow Woods, near Sonja
  • North of Jasper’s farm

Sunday –

  • Doyle’s Abbey
  • Past Applegrove, near ghostie grave
  • Valedale, near Observatory trail
  • North Everwind Fields, near gondola station