10 thoughts on “rift_map”

  1. this is great thanks Maggie 😀

  2. who do you get the quest from?????

  3. Ashley Moonhill said:

    who do you get the quests from?

  4. nevermind, i’m up to the quest now ^-^

  5. Miranda Lowburg said:

    I have a question regarding the Pandoric rift that is near North Link and the one near Golden Hills Valley… How do I get there, is there a secret passage way that I don’t know about? Because I know I cant get by the mountains in Golden and the Space ship near North. I’ve tried to get to it and it’s really bothering me now. Please help I’d like to get all the cracks done. And thanks for the map, its really useful! You ROCK!

  6. Alma Nightbook said:

    cool this will definitely help me 😀

  7. Alma Nightbook said:

    Cool! This will definitely help me a load!

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