The blog has been open for a whole year now, can you believe it!

I have been working on some fun new additions to the blog, which I will be releasing later in the month. All of them are ideas suggested by readers. I got some awesome ideas from you all, and I think you for that!

I will also be releasing a new layout for the blog, with banner done by Nikki Lightningknight! I received a whole bunch of cool entries, and I will be posting all of the other entries received.

Unfortunately, the way WordPress works, I cannot put a layout together and release it all at once, as it publishes each individual little change, so you may have to put up with some ugliness one day while I fiddle around with the settings. I will let you know when I am done with the layout, so please wait until then to let me know if anything ends up wonky, doesn’t work or look right.

Later in the month I will be having a club trivia with all player written questions, and prizes from the web store! I will also be looking for more suggestions for trivia topics.

As always, I am working on more story quest posts. I have all the current quests from Jarlaheim and Harvest Counties to type up yet as well as the next chapter of Starshine Legacy.

We will have more posts from our contributors and possibly a Thanksgiving/fall themed fashion photo contest.

Hope you are having a great time and are excited for new blog updates as I am.

Go out and enjoy the fall colors and happy riding!