Hello Everyone!! I’m so sorry I haven’t written in actual years (a slight exaggeration), but I thought I was going to stop writing, but things have calmed down, and now I can again! Yays all around!! So, a short chapter to almost welcome you back to me being back, here is Chapter 7!! Thanks 🙂


I awoke early the next morning, and traveled around the cottage silently, giving Granddad a wakeup call as I left, reminding him his maple syrup pancakes I’d made would soon go cold. I ran around the side of the house, zipping up my coat as the wind bit at my fingers, and hauled the door closed as I walked towards Brave. He was swaying slightly, his eyelids closed softly, standing calmly upright. I saw the black of his eyes light up and show as I unlatched the stable door. He approached me and nuzzled into my chest, sniffing at my pocket for the carrot concealed inside.

“Honestly, Brave, you’d think food was the only thing you knew in life!” I giggled as my fingers slid through his hair, my ear to his jaw, listening to him crunch. My watch bounced light off of it – 7:35am.

“Today’s it Brave. New Friends! “I exclaimed, letting the door swing to a close ahead of him as I gathered his tack. He stood well as I tightened his girth and adjusted his bridle, and soon we were cantering away through the village, the houses sound as the hoof steps echoed throughout. I grinned at the thought of new friends, girls, sleepovers, parties, crushes etc. I hadn’t had great friends in Manderville, so now was my chance. I leapt off Brave as we entered the stable walls at Moorland, and ran straight over to Jenna.

“You’re full of beans today Anna! Here to help for the day? We could really use…”

“Sorry, I can’t today, have you seen three new girls around here though?”

“Nope, see there aren’t any new residents; no one is buying any houses at the minute…”

“Oh.” I deflated like a balloon, instantly. I sighed and began to walk away.

“Oh! Unless you mean the summer camp girls? Erm, what’re their names, Ella, Alice and Lily or something? Why do you know them? We’re still expecting one more, she’s running a little late!” Jenna puzzled, her eyebrows raised.

“Yes, that’s them! Do you have any idea where I can find them?”

“Well, they’re all lodging at Fort Pinta with Marge for the 3 week course, so at the market?” I smiled, mounting Brave and already leaving.

“Thanks Jenna!!!!” I screamed as Brave galloped off, jumping over the gates and crunching through the orange leaves lining the road. Suddenly, a thought popped into my head. How was I going to act. Just stroll up and ‘Oh Hey, I was there last night and thought, thank goodness, real modern teen life on moorland, so like fancy being friends.’

“Whoa big boy, we need a break.” I brought Brave off the track and secured him at the fence. Mary would know what to do; she was always there to help out! I ran through the few trees to her favourite spot, and peered about to look for her.


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