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Speak with Mr Pike in Harvest Counties to start a new set of fishing quests.

You must be Liked with the Jorvik Fishing Club to begin these quests.

Legendary Fish: Thunder Salmon


I think you’re ready Rita. Ready to try catching the legendary Thunder Salmon.

Ever year at this time, the Thunder Salmon swims by the Harvest Counties’ northeastern coast hunting for food. It’s not a good time to swim in the ocean, both hooves and toes are known to have been bitten by this gluttonous monster.

Do you want to try to catch the Thunder Salmon, and make the Harvest Counties a safer place, Rita?

Excellent! There are several fishing spots along the northeastern coast of the Harvest Counties, and it may come in handy. The Thunder Salmon is cunning and will not attempt the same bait more than once, so if you can’t catch it in one place, try another fishing spot.

Good luck!

Objectives: Catch Thunder Salmon from the northeastern coast of the Harvest Counties. There are several spots to fish from. If you don’t succeed in one place, try another.

Rewards: 300 Jorvik Shillings, 50 XP, Fishing Ribbon

Reputation: 400 with Jorvik Fishing Club – Southern Chapter

Ride up to the fishing spots and catch the Thunder Salmon. It may take a few tries to catch it. There are plenty of spots to find it. When you have caught the fish, return to Mr Pike.


Wow, wow, wow! What a fatty! What an accomplishment!

This was pretty good, Rita. it really must have been a battle getting that one up from the deep. Both horses and people can swim safely again. Finally!

Here, I want you to take this medal as thanks for your effort. Congratulations, and thank you again!

Quest completed

Return to Mr Pike when you are Friendly with the Southern Chapter.


Legendary Fish: The Ultra Herring


Herring isn’t dangerous? They’re so tiny and cutesy, just feeding off algae, and swimming around in schools of fish, cuddling and singing songs.


Wrong, wrong, wrong!

The Ultra Herring is the worst of the worst of fish. A beast. An animal. A hideously wonder of a herring! It has eaten both cows and goats, seamen and captains, even a killer whale it has devoured. I swear, I saw it with my own two eyes!

You don’t believe me? Well… It’s time you got to know the Ultra Herring for yourself, but don’t say I didn’t warn you…

The only place to catch him is from the cliffs below Jorvik Stables. Throw this special herring bait in the sea to lure him towards shore. Keep your eyes up and don’t go too far into the water.

Good luck, Rita, good luck.

Objectives: Pour the bait in the ocean behind the Jorvik Stables and catch the Ultra Herring. Time is of the essence, and if you don’t succeed catching it before it returns to the sea, you’ve failed the mission.

Rewards: 500 Jorvik Shillings, 100 XP, Fishing Ribbon

Reputation: 1100 with Jorvik Fishing Club – Southern Chapter

When you get to the fishing site, use the bucket of bait on the fishing spot before you can use your fishing pole. Once you use the bait, a timer will start. If you do not catch the fish before the timer runs out, you have four more bait buckets to use. When you have caught the Ultra Herring, return to Mr Pike.


Wow, that was some effort. The Ultra Herring, caught at last!

Though… He’s a bit smaller than I remember. I don’t think he looks that dangerous. But, you caught him, and that’s what counts here in Southern Jorvik Fishing Club.

Here. A medal as reward for your trouble. You are truly a fisher to be reckoned with. Congrats!

Quest completed

Return to Mr Pike when you are Liked with the Southern Fishing Club.


Legendary Fish: The Ruinous Haddock


Yawn! Sorry, I’ve slept so poorly of late.

You see, Rita, sometimes I have nightmares. Horrible nightmares which keep me up all night. It’s that killer haddock haunting me. Have I told you about it? No?

When I was young, about your age, I caught a very fine haddock. It was the largest haddock I have ever seen, and I was incredibly proud of my great catch. In the boat on my way home, I heard a loud slam from the stern, and all of a sudden the engine went quiet. Everything went silent, only a faint splash could be heard from behind the boat. Wondering, I went back in the boat to see what had happened. To my horror, I saw that the deck was shattered, and a gaping hole was looking back at me from where the engine once had been. Worst of all, the nice haddock I had caught for myself was gone. I was bewildered, then suddenly the water bubbled.

Slowly the head of the haddock surfaced, and it turned its cold eyes upon me. With an evil eye, it stared at me until it submerged and disappeared into the depths.

For three days my boat drifted at sea. The coast was near and I easily swam ashore, but every time I went to the railing, that haddock was there, in the water, with murder in mind.

Eventually, a ferry passed by and saved me, shortly after I moved from the Faroe Island and settled here in Jorvik. It was traumatizing experience and I wanted to start over in a place far away from this awful fish. Everything was going well, my fishing career went sky-high in lightning speed, until one morning… When I came down to my boat only a wreckage remained, and in the water, that loathsome haddock was looking up at me!

Since then I’ve not been on a boat, not stood on the docks, not even gone close to the water. Terrible fate, and everything is that haddock’s fault!

So, now you understand what I want you to do, right? Catch the Ruinous Haddock! Do it and save my life, Rita! Catch it and I will be forever grateful. He’s always staying near me, so you need only go out on the docks to spot him. Good luck, Rita, good luck…

Objectives: Catch the Ruinous Haddock from the docks by Mr Pike.

Rewards: 750 Jorvik Shillings, 125 XP, Fishing Medal

Reputation: 2500 with Jorvik Fishing Club – Southern Chapter

Go out onto the dock behind Mr Pike and catch that nightmare fish! Speak with him again when you have caught the beast.


Wow! The Ruinous Haddock!!

You did it, Rita! Hurrah!!

Finally I can go boating again! This is truly a great day in the history of the Harvest Counties, and it’s an honor for me to present you with this medal, Rita. Thank you, and may your fishing line stay tight for all eternity.

Quest completed

Return to Mr Pike when you are Popular with the Southern Fishing Club.


Legendary Fish: The Killer Whitefish


Elsewhere in the world, children are scared with tales of horrible monsters such as werewolves, vampires, and ghosts. Here in the Harvest Counties, we tell scary stories about the Killer Whitefish instead. The difference? The Killer Whitefish is for real!

It’s truly a beast, an incarnated evil. A behemoth which eats great white sharks for snacks and killer whales for breakfast!

But the time has come, Rita. I’ve seen you grow as a fisher and you’re ready for the task which I haven’t dared to entrust anyone else. 

You are the chosen one, the one which shall catch the Killer Whitefish after all these years of terror.

There’s never been a better time to catch it, never been a better precondition to fish it out of the sea. The hour is upon us. You see, I know it exists, Rita. After years of fruitless attempts to find it, I’ve finally succeeded!

Since a little while back, it’s been staying in the harbor in Jarlaheim. But don’t tell anyone! If people knew, the city would empty in minutes. We don’t want any panic.

Ride there, Rita, ride there and catch the Killer Whitefish.

May the force be with you… 

Objective: Catch the Killer Whitefish from the harbor in Jarlaheim.

Rewards: 1000 Jorvik Shillings, 150 XP, Fishing Medal

Reputation: 150 with Jorvik Fishing Club – Southern Chapter

Ride down outside Jarlaheim, past Stablebucks cafe, and go down the stairs to the harbor dock. Beware, this fish is mean! He can bite you back, and will cause your health to go down. This quest is not timed, so take it slow to allow your health to recover before setting your hook again. If you let your health go down to zero, you will be transported back to your home stable and fail the quest. Have patience when fishing for this monster.

When you have successful caught it, return to Mr Pike.


By ocean’s grace! This is wonderful! The Killer Whitefish is caught!

This day will be a public holiday in the Harvest Counties, I’ll demand it from the mayor. Nobody will ever forget the day when Rita caught the Killer Whitefish.

You are truly the greatest of all great fishers. Let me bestow you this medal as a sign of Southern Jorvik Fishing Club’s gratefulness.

Congrats, and may your luck in fishing stay with you always.

Quest completed