Hey all!

It’s a question I seem to be getting a lot lately. I haven’t posted about it earlier because I assumed it was something that was pretty straightforward but I understand that many of you are younger players and this may be your first online game.

So allow me to explain…

First, the reason you have to verify your email is so that the game staff know you are not a spambot and also they know that your email address is a reliable way to reach you should they need to contact you regarding your account. When you sign up for websites, be sure to read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. They are required by law to state if they will sell your information for advertising. And also by accepting the ToS, you are accepting the rules of the website, and should you break them, you can be punished accordingly, whether you actually read the rules or not. (You can read more about specific Star Stable rules you should pay attention to here: Click to read!)

To be able to use the chat boards on the game you need to have verified your email address. When you signed up for the game, you should have received a message to the address you used to sign up. Be sure to check any/all spam folders you have, as I have had them sent there once or twice, instead of to my main inbox. If the message is not there, or you accidentally deleted it, no worries! Just log into your account on the game webpage and click ‘My Account’ on the top of the screen.

This page will give you options purchase a Star Rider membership, update your account info (i.e. change your password, contact name, and email address), and this is where you will find the link to send a new email verification message. On the top of the screen, right below the Play Now button, you’ll see your email address, your account type, and a link to send a new message.

You will then be taken to a screen that prompts you to enter the verification code. You can open a new tab or go directly to your email. You can copy and paste the code directly from the message, or there is a link in the message that will take you to that screen.

Hope that helps and if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!