Hey all! A call to all you fashionistas out there.

I just thought I would run another fun little contest. I want to give my blog character, Rita, a makeover and I’m going to let you readers decide what she wears!

The rules are simple:

Use the Gear Inventory database to put together an outfit, or send me a picture of one you already have. This includes character clothes and horse tack.

You MUST list the name of the items! I do not have every item memorized by sight so it will help me find what you have chosen.

Price is not an issue! I have TONS of Star Coins, from 1: not using them since I upgraded her the first time, and 2: recently purchasing lifetime upgrade. So shop away!

Please comment or email your outfits. Be sure to include your name and the list of items. There is no deadline. I will keep this open until I find one I like. So get yours in sooner than later. Once I have chosen an outfit, I will post some pictures of it as well as the winning designer.

Have a great day and happy riding!