Edit: April Fools!

Thanks everyone for being a good sport. I am still working at the stable, not taking over, and I will be still working on the blog.

Love you all!

Hey all.

I’ve been busy with working at the stable full time. Ted has liked me so much he has given me control of the whole stable, so I have a lot of new responsibilities to take on. I wanted to announce that I will be leaving the blog and I want to find someone else to take control.

Please comment on this post if you fit the following criteria.

  • Know nothing about Star Stable Online
  • Have never run a large viewer-base blog
  • Has no passion for horses or helping other players
  • Wants to run my blog and do what they want

I will choose the person to take over by the end of today, as I have many real horses to go take care of. Please make sure to list your qualifications and reasons for wanting to take over the blog. During the day, while I am out working with all my horses, Hazel Raindawn will be moderating the comments. So please be nice. Fighting over the blog will only lower your chances of me choosing you.

I will always love you all. Have a good day and happy riding!