Something is haunting Lisa in the dark woods, rapidly. There is no time for safe riding now, and wherever the path leads them, it has got to be better than being caught by the thing following them. A fast, dangerous and treacherous road awaits Lisa and Starshine, and Lisa can only trust her instinct to let him loose.

The Dark Rider has been released on your tail. Run like your life depends on it!

Follow the direction signs and blue stars to find your way through the forest to escape the Dark Rider. If you get caught, you’ll be sent back to an earlier checkpoint.


The cloaked rider didn’t follow us here. The rider is stopping by the edge of the abyss. Good for us.

What is this place? It looks strange and ancient. 



Look – on that stone… What are those pictures? Is that a picture of me?




I don’t know, Starshine, this looks strange – it looks like us, but then again, not. I must show this to the other girls. 

Level 6 completed!

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