Ferdinand’s Horse Market is a travelling market that has story quests available every time it is in a new location. It visits four different cities in Jorvik; Jorvik Stables, Fort Pinta, Silverglade, Cape West Fishing Village, respectively.

When you visit the market for the first time, regardless of location, there are several introductory quests in which you meet Ferdinand, Eddie, and Goofy Lars. Then, each location has quests that are specific to that location, and are only available when the Horse Market is camped there.

There are several horses that continually travel with the market (Danish Warmblood, Westphalian, and four Jorvik Ponies). They are always ready for purchase when the market is camped, but during the time it is travelling, they are temporarily unavailable. Newly added horses that are introduced at the market will be moved to a new location when the market packs up to travel again.

Generally, the market stays in each location for two real time weeks. Then it takes one week of travel to the next location, and one week of set up before it is ready to open again.

The Horse Market quests are actually reputation quests. Each location’s quests repeat until you have reached Admired with the Horse Market faction. You will still be able to do the ‘regular’ quests at each location, but the big Thank You from Ferdinand and Eddie quests will no longer be available.

The New Horse Guide page will be continually updated with the Market’s current location.

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Horse Market Quests: