Star Stable Online Ride Through has been open for two years now! Can you believe it!?

I hope everyone has been enjoying the new Christmas quests, now that we’ve been assured the game didn’t completely die, haha! I will answer any questions you may have about the Christmas quests but I will not be posting them on the blog. They do give XP this year but their completion is not necessary for progression in the game (i.e. you don’t need to complete them to unlock other quests, though the XP is nice to get).

I am currently working on posting the new Dino Valley quests. There’s a lot of them, so please be patient with me! Also, comments have been restored!

Also in the meantime, I will be holding a banner contest for the blog!

I will keep entries open until the end of the month and will announce the winner shortly into the new year. 🙂

If you would like to enter, please read the rules below:

  • Both traditional and digital entries will be accepted.
  • If traditional, please scan your drawing into a digital format.
    • Please keep dimensions to that of the current banner, that is, twice as long as it is tall.
  • If digital, .PNG format is preferred but .JPG will also be accepted. Please no .GIF files as animations are not supported for banner images.
    • Dimensions for digital is 900x200px
  • Design content is limited to landscape images from the game or any abstract designs. Please do not use the game logo. Designs featuring characters or horses will not be accepted.
  • Design MUST include the full blog name (please no abbreviation), tagline is optional
    • Blog name: Star Stable Online Ride Through
    • Tagline: For when you’re stuck on that tricky quest!
  • DO NOT sign or watermark your image. You will be given proper credit elsewhere on the blog!
  • Colors must be subtle and visually appealing, please no bright, obnoxious color schemes.
  • Please email entries to
    • Entries posted on the blog will not be accepted.
    • When emailing me, please include your character name or name you would like to be publicly credited with.
  • Entries will be accepted through December 31. Entries submitted after that date will not be accepted.
  • There is no limit to number of entries one person may submit. Have multiple ideas? Send them all!
  • Have fun! There is no theme or anything besides the above mentioned requirements, so feel free to design around your favorite location or aspect of the game!

I look forward to seeing all the wonderful designs you come up with!

The winning design will be used on the blog as the main layout header. All other entries will also be posted for everyone to see. 🙂

Hope you all have a great week and happy riding!