Hey all!

I’ve been wanting to practice my art more and also make a little money while doing it, so I’ve been thinking of opening commissions. I wanted to see how many people would possibly be interested.

At the moment, it would only be horses. I can do realistic horses as well as fantasy horses (added wings, horns, different colors, etc) and I will also be offering several different levels of commissions (sketches, or fully colored) as well as premades works. Pricing would range between $5-$15USD and I can do domestic as well as international shipping. [Examples are listed at the bottom of this post.]

I have also been toying with the idea of making a ‘members only’ paid subscription addition to the blog but I’m not really sure what to add to it. So my other question, is there anything extra special that you would like to see on the blog and would be willing to pay access for? Subscription would probably be between $10-$20 USD a year. I was thinking of maybe bringing back the trivia club or something like that.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Please and thank you! XD

Here are a couple of my drawing examples!