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I sat up as the doctor ran over to Rambo and Ron, discussing what everyone should do. It was like I wasn’t there, looking in on the world through a one way mirror. I felt a warm palm on my cold hand, shaking it, and turned to see a small girl staring at me, clearly worried and a bit startled.

“We heard shouting and crying and came from the Stables. Are you ok?” She had curly, auburn hair, falling well below her shoulders, and a freckled face, glowing, with bright ocean blue eyes. She smiled, reassuring me, and I nodded, suddenly conscious of how I looked.

“Yeah, sorry, I’m fine. Well not great but, oh don’t worry. I’m Anna,” I managed to stifle a smile, and she turned behind, and said something I didn’t quit catch. Two more girls appeared, both giggling, and smiled at me.

“I’m Alice, and this is Emma and Lily, and over there is Annie,” she pointed at a dog “We’re here for Jorvik Summer Camp! Well, Pony Camp, I wouldn’t call November Summer personally, although the weather is good!” She stretched out her arms to show this and smiled again, squinting at the sun. I looked at Emma. She had straight brown hair that was cut into short layers that looked a bit dangerous, but really cool, and had thick black eyeliner flying off her lash line. She was pretty and distinctive, and had a super cool indie fashion sense, a little like me. She was looking at me too, and that’s when I noticed the nose stud. It was a plain small-cut diamond, and it twinkled in the sunlight, prettily, adding even more indie edge to her style. She pointed at it and said:

“Got it pierced in July and I still can’t change the stud yet! I’m waiting till Christmas Day!!” She shot me a perfect teeth grin, and then nudged Lily. “Why is the doctor running over here?” I spun around quickly, my gaze zapping all over the square.

“Anna, are you better? We don’t have anyone to get Elizabeth, and Brave really is fast and he has also calmed down now, and then you can explain everything…” She plonked down next to me, worried and exhausted, and I nodded, saving her breath. “Thanks.”

“We could come, too!”  Lily said, the last girl in the group. She had lined her waterline this time, and had waist length blonde hair, that was dip-dyed light brown at the bottom. She had it tied in a French braid, that curled around her neck and followed the line of her arm. There was also a blue and red flower braid intertwined in this whole braid. They all wore the general stable work clothes, and me and Alice stood up as she said this. “Our horses are all fast, and we’d like to see the island!”

“It’s not some guided tour, this is serious…” The doctor started, frowning, but I silenced her.

“No, I’d like them to come, it’d be nice since I don’t feel one hundred percent, still a little shaky. We need to go now though!” I nodded as they ran into the stable yard, jumping up onto their horses and grabbing their hats on the way over. I could tell they were experienced riders. I flew onto Brave’s back and led the way, and off we went to Valedale!


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