Hey all!

I want to share the results from the banner contest. Here are the runners up:


From Scarlett Queenstone



From Piper Silentwood

From Emma Opalmountain

From Emma Opalmountain


And the winner, that I have chosen:

From Patricia Roseheart

From Patricia Roseheart

I had a hard time deciding how to do this, because I know Patricia Roseheart personally (aka ‘the bestie’) and I didn’t think it is fair because he is a professional graphic designer. I do want my blog to look the best with a great banner but at the same time, I also I did ask for entries, and I know everyone tried their best.

I have decided that I will give all the runners up a chance to be on the blog and will rotate the banners and give each one a month up on the blog. Then come April, I will put up the winning banner along with a new layout for the blog. We’ll call it a spring spruce-up, and that way everyone will get a chance to have their banner posted!

Hope everyone had a great New Year!

Have a great week and happy riding!