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“Faster, Brave!” I scream as Elizabeth clings to the saddle. We rush over the mountain range and down past Andy’s, leaving his chickens running in circles. I feel Brave’s strong body moving beneath me and finally regain control over myself. We continue down over the bridge near Applegrove and gallop down the beach, steering clear of Doyle’s as to Elizabeth’s instructions. As we ride into Fort Pinta, I see everyone crowding around a house, with men carrying a body through the door. The doctor looks shocked as I slow Brave to a halt and hop down to help Elizabeth dismount. She runs over and they engage in quiet murmurs, as I turn to the door. I suddenly realise who the body is they’re carrying. Mary. I push through the small crowd and rush through the door, freezing when I see her. She’s lying on the wooden table, in the middle of the kitchen, her face finally calm and ridded of the horrified expression in the chapel. Her arms appear bruised and lay by her sides, and her clothes look like they have been nipped by a thorn bush or something. I rush to her side and sit on a chair, placing my hands of her right.

“I’m so sorry.” I whisper as she moans slightly. I rush to the sink to grab her a glass of water and sit back down immediately when I see one of her eyes slightly open.

“Anna….” I shush her abruptly and she nods slightly, closing her eyes again. Soon, her breathing is steady and I back slowly out of the room, leaving the house to talk to Elizabeth. As soon as I’m outside, havoc greets me. I see people rushing to the bridge and Elizabeth seemingly limps over. She looks bruised and tired, but has a slight glow about her. The doctor seats her where I was earlier and kneels beside her, talking again. I speed up my pace towards them and then sit, looking inquisitively at them.

“I need to know what’s going on!” I demand quietly, slightly scared of the outcome.

“No you don…”

“Leave her be, Alice, she’s mature enough to know,” Elizabeth pleads, looking at the Doctor, “I’ll explain, now go and tend to Mary.” The doctor rushes off again, clearly worried about the stability of all of us now.

“Anna, what I’m about to explain is extremely serious. You must understand that for the safety of your friends and family, you must talk to no normal civilians about what happened to you today. Your granddad is aware but you must not discuss it. You never know who may be listening…” She sighs and breaks off, staring at the sea.

“But what…”

“I’m getting there,” she snaps back to reality, cold clouding her eyes. “What you heard in the chapel, what Mary was plagued by, it was the Wishspers. The wishes of those whose lives were taken. They have always been around, they’re everywhere, but are secure in a second world, the afterlife, where they are alive but the spirits pursue what they wanted before they left our world. They aren’t really harmful, but the crack is. The worlds are split for a reason, and it shouldn’t be that easy to just unlock and return, it’s dangerous for either side, and must be stopped.” She gasps for breath, shaking slightly. “I need your help. You can help unlock this, help me, help Jorvik. They must be stopped, before more harm comes of this.” I nod and she smiles slightly, reassuring me.

“Everything’s going to be alright.”


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