Hey all!

Hope you are having a great week!

I know this week’s update news was a little misleading, so let me give you the scoop: The seal update is NOT a quest! It is only a store, located on an iceberg. There is no reputation needed to be able to access the store. You do have to have access to Harvest Counties. The iceberg is located on the coast of Forgotten Fields, near the Sleeping Widow Tree (or along the north-west coast, if you have not done that part of the story yet). The iceberg is huge, you can’t miss it! Run onto the iceberg and follow the large snow spires, out toward the sea and Cape West Fishing Village. The shopkeeper is there with the seals all lined up on a log.

The seals themselves, all cost Star Coins, and there is about 8 or 9 different ones to choose from. They are moderately priced, all about 50 Star Coins each. There are also a few exclusive saddle bags that can be purchased with either Shillings or Star Coins.

I think the seals are super cute and definitely worth the money. XD

Have a great day and happy riding!

❤ Maggie