Rewards updated for Valentine’s 2018!


Each letter is hidden in a different location for each player, so I can only give general directions to where they are hidden. If you are having trouble finding a letter, log out, and log back in, and the letter location will reset and be moved to a new location within the hiding area. You will hear a  chime when you are in an area containing a letter, and also when you leave the area.

For the first day of Derek’s quests, the missing letters in “Letter Disaster” can all be found within the walls of Silverglade Village.

The following descriptions are for the hidden letters after you complete the second day quest with Derek, “Stormy Forecast on the Letter Front”

Letter 1

I’m so grateful for my employment with you, Ma’am. To serve is truly a privilege and I look forward to many long continuous years here at your venerable vineyard.

Thank you for everything, and happy Valentine’s Day.

Hiding area: Silverglade Castle and surrounding area

Deliver to: The Baroness at Silverglade Winery

Rewards: 100 Jorvik Shillings, Hay Bale


Letter 2

You are my best friend. Thank you for always being there for me, especially when more dorky horse girls come riding to Moorland wanting to ride our fine courses. If I was the only one who had to keep them all under control, I’d go crazy!

Bobcat Girlz forever!!!

Hiding area: Doyle’s Abbey and surrounding crossroads

Deliver to: Tan outside Moorland Stables

Rewards: 75 Jorvik Shillings, Hay bale, picnic


Letter 3

Thank you, Dad. You raised me all by yourself, and I know that must have been hard. Especially the last few years. Thanks to you, I know I’ll always have a home to come back to. I have no time to write more, I have promised to meet one Mr Sands who’s going to show me something exciting. I wonder what it can be?

I love you, Dad. Just wanted to tell you.

Hiding area: Moorland beach, near Mr Cod, may be up on hill heading back to Moorland.

Deliver to: Thomas Moorland

Rewards: 50 Jorvik Shillings, Apple, Cake


Letter 4

My love, you are always on my mind. Even through we haven’t seen each other in a while, you are always in my heart. I think of you when I go to bed at night. Although, of course, in my thoughts, you’re kind, your voice not cackling, and your skin isn’t green. Anyway, I miss you and I hope you move home from the marshes soon.

Your honey bunny.

Hiding area: Cape West Fishing Village and surrounding docks

Deliver to: Pi, in the Witch’s Swamp

Rewards: 125 Jorvik Shillings, Cake


Letter 5 

I was wondering who was going to send a Valentine’s card to, and the only one I could think of that I wanted to show any kind of appreciation to, is you. You’re the best. You’re the most beautiful. When I see myself in the mirror, I’m always taken aback by your lovely blonde hair and how good you look in black. Thank you, myself.

From your one and only, best friend.

Hiding area: Goldspur wheat field and nearby GED station

Deliver to: Ms Drake in Jarlaheim

Reward: 25 Jorvik Shillings, Cafe drink, Sandwich


Letter 6

You’re so handsome with your beard and navy blue outfit. The smell of your pipe makes my knees shiver and when you yell at your seamen so their faces turn all white, I get all white inside.

From a secret admirer.

Hiding area: Roadside area in front of Scarecrow Hill

Deliver to: Captain Brus in Cape West Fishing Village

Rewards: 15 Jorvik Shillings, Sandwich


Letter 7

Dearest you, our work together has truly been brilliant. You were magnificent when you helped Rita save that waterfall. I hope you’ll let me see your face one day, I’m certain that there’s a wonderful person underneath that cowl.

For our future, your favorite little druid.

Hiding area: Valedale Village

Deliver to: Avalon

Rewards: 25 Jorvik Shillings, Barbeque


Letter 8

Hello, rival dearest. I never thought I’d admit it, but your pony race looks to be going great. However, you and your sister have to watch out, cause I’ll be hosting my own pony race soon. The best and biggest Jorvik has ever seen! I just have to find a really good race course builder which will make me one for free, first. I won’t decline if you want to invite me for coffee and cakes some time, I think you and I will be firm friends.


Hiding area: Fort Pinta fort

Deliver to: Polly at Pony Point

Rewards: 75 Jorvik Shillings, BBQ, Carrots


Letter 9

Best horse peddler. When I inspected the work place on the beach, I noticed that of all the morons there, you were the only one who bowed for me. Your colleagues will soon receive their own letters telling them they’re fired. You on the other hand, are hereby promoted to department manager for our base at Moorland beach. Hope you show yourself worthy of the service and get to keep the job longer than anyone before you. The record is two months; don’t disappoint me.

Happy Valentine’s Day. The Boss.

Hiding area: Abandoned Farm on Nilmer’s Highland

Deliver to: Guard at Dark Core base on Moorland beach

Rewards: 125 Jorvik Shillings, Carrots, Apple