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Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Non-Spherical Fabric


Hmm, Rita, I believe our hot air balloon repair project may well be doomed to failure. Just look at this: the final piece of fabric that’s usable… And we’re miles away from the sewing being finished. It’s probably just as well that we abandon the whole thing.

Thanks for helping so far Rita, but this is the end. Perhaps we’ll see each other again in the future.

What? You want to give it another go? Why though? I can see from here that the fabric is just like a big tablecloth and it’s not even close to being spherical…

You haven’t sewn the edges together, you say?

Aha! I’ve got it!

You need to sew together the edges so that the balloon takes the shape of what I call “bag.” A potentially spherical unit that can be filled with gas. 

It’s obvious!

That’s what you meant? Mm, that’s possible but you expressed yourself rather vaguely. You hypothesized an irrefutable theory, one of the greatest crimes against scientific etiquette. Who’ll ever understand you if you continue to communicate with such imprecise ambiguity?

Anyway, enough now. Here’s the last piece of fabric. Use it to sew the balloon together.

Objectives: Sew the balloon together.

Rewards: 60 Jorvik Shillings, 20 XP


Dismount your horse to place the fabric, then use the sewing needle on it. Speak to Prof Einstein when you are finished.


Great. Then we’ve got a whole balloon.

Quest completed


No Need for Finger Crossing


Repairing the burner, Rita. Here’s the last part we haven’t tried yet. Since there aren’t any other parts out there in the Valley, this must be, by the laws of logic, the right part.

Trust the teachings of probability, Rita. There’s no need for finger-crossing or any other such nonsense. Just install this part in the burner and it’s fixed.

Objectives: Fix the burner on the hot air balloon.

Rewards: 50 Jorvik Shillings, 20 XP

If you say so, ma’am…

Dismount your horse to fix the burner then speak to Prof Einstein when you are finished with the repair.


There we go, Rita, wasn’t that easy?

Quest completed


Select Parts for a Total Repair


So here we are Rita: the final piece of the puzzle. I’ve got these pieces together, and if my calculations are correct, then the basket should be fully repaired when you’ve added them.

So, let’s see if my theory works out. Hurry up.

Objectives: Repair the basket on the hot air balloon.

Rewards: 80 Jorvik Shillings, 20 XP

Dismount your horse to repair the basket, then speak to Prof Einstein when you are finished.


There you go. My theory was correct. We’ve finally got to the final stage of our hot air balloon repair project!

Quest completed


The End of the Hot Air Balloon Repair Project


We’re close now, Rita. Just one small step to go before we can leave this terrible place behind us in our beautiful balloon. Now I understand how my colleagues on the Apollo project at NASA felt when it was time to launch. 

Here’s a canister filled with gas you collected from the geysers. You just need to connect it to the torch and light it, then we’re ready.

I’ll just stand myself over here and take cover behind the bench. There’s nothing to worry about, but if probability is against us, it’s unnecessary that we both perish in a burning inferno.

Objective: Assemble the gas tank, then light the burner.

Rewards: 70 Jorvik Shillings, 30 XP

Dismount your horse to place the gas tank, then use the sparker to light the burner. Speak to Prof Einstein when the balloon is ready to go!


Well that went well! I never thought I’d be so happy to see such a primitive contraption work.

Quest completed


Preventing a Hot Air Disaster



I’m a little unsure if the structure’s going to hold, Rita… Obviously, it’s very unlikely that the rope would snap when the balloon is a few hundred feet in the air, but just like before, it feels unnecessary for us both to go up and potentially perish in a tragic balloon crash. The logical thing to do is that you take a test flight and see to it that everything is working properly.

Rita, take a test flight to Silverglade Village and back. Then I can fly secure in the knowledge that the balloon is safe.

Objectives: Use the balloon to fly to Silverglade, then fly back afterwards.

Rewards: 150 Jorvik Shillings, 50 XP, Elsa Einstein’s Knitted Mittens

FINALLY! -cries in relief- Sweet freedom at last!

Click on the balloon to fly to Silverglade, then once you land, turn around and click it again to fly back to the valley. Speak to Prof Einstein to prove you made it back alive.


Looks like the test flight went well! However, while you were away, I carried out a little psychoanalysis on myself and have concluded that without long-term therapy, an air journey is simply impossible for me.

The helicopter crash has given me some issues in staying above the ground, and I’ll obviously develop a logical and scientific method of remedying this, but until then I’m forced to stay here. Sorry.

Rita, you’re free to use the balloon whenever you want to travel between Silverglade Village and this cursed, primitive valley.

Now you’ll have to excuse me, I need to devote all my capacities to finding a cure for my new-found fear of heights.

Quest completed

HAHAHAHAHA! Oh wait, you aren’t laughing? Oops, teehee, my bad….

May you forever dwell here and freeze your frigid little butt off, you miserable negative nancy.


You can now freely travel between Dino Valley and Silverglade. The balloon automatically anchors wherever you happen to be, so all you need to do is ride up to it and click to board and be taken into the beautiful skies of Jorvik.

Thus concludes the building of the Stoneground Camp, for now….