Hi, I’m Willow. I moved here to Cape West Fishing Village a week ago.
Let me explain- I’m a fantastic horse rider living in the cheerful village of Cape West Fishing Village. I already  love it here because of the ocean, the fish and the friendly people living here. I actually lived at Silverglade Village before here and it was lovely- the flowers, the sky, the hills and the cheerful stable owner, Steve. But I guess there’s no turning back now because we’ve bought the stables and a nice fishing cottage in the town’s heart. My mum’s called Carin. She loves horses but unfortunately can’t ride a horse for her life! So instead she devoted her life to owning stables. My horse’s called Hawkbeauty.She got her name by being as swift as a hawk and as beautiful as…well, as beauty.

I woke up today and the sun was shining… Then I heard my mum calling ‘Breakfast! Get up lazy bones!” Urgh. Forgot it was Monday today. I’m dreading the first day at my new school called Goldenhills Public School. But as I had no choice I put on my ugly school clothes and slowly walked down stairs. “People would think you had already left the house taking that long to walk down the stairs!” my mum said. Then I saw what was cooking on the stove. “Are we having eggs and bacon today?” I asked her. “No, we aren’t!” I stared at her like she was turning into a cat. “Well, of course we are! Why else would I be cooking eggs and bacon?” She smiled. I grabbed a bacon sandwich and said bye. “Good luck on your first day of school!” She looked nervous though…Oh, yeah! It was also her first day at the stables. “Good luck on your first day at the stables!” and ran out the door. I walked slightly fast as I knew it was about 5 minutes until school started. Then finally I got there. “Wow! This place is…cool!”I whispered. It was a blue painted, gigantic building. I walked inside the building and went to a locker labelled ‘Willow Dawnheart’ and put my bag and books there. Then I walked to a classroom called ‘Environmental Class’ and checked what was on my orientation paper. Yep, ‘Environmental Class’ was the right class. I opened the door and walked into the green and yellow classroom…..

When I walked inside everybody in the classroom stopped talking and stared at me. Awkwardly, I quickly walked to the desk labeled ‘Willow’. The teacher could obviously feel that I was embarrassed so quickly she said,”Class 8M say hello to your new classmate Willow”. “Good morning Willow!” they all replied drowsily. Now, that made me feel even MORE embarrassed so I quickly sat down and took out my environmental book. Well, at least I thought it was- a second later the student that sat next to me said,”Umm, why do you need your mathematics book?” I looked down. Yep, I had took my mathematics book out of my bag instead of my environmental… I quickly swapped my mathematics book with my environmental book. “So, today we will be learning about environmental impacts,”She said cheerfully,”Now, I would like you all to copy this out in your books!” Then she wrote ‘environmental impact assessment is the formal process used to predict the environmental consequences (positive or negative) of a plan, policy, program, or project prior to the decision to move forward with the proposed action’ on the blackboard. Really… In Silverglade Village Public School we got to have touch screen smart boards. And instead of books we used computers. Anyway, we all wrote down environmental impact assessment is the formal process used to predict the environmental consequences (positive or negative) of a plan, policy, program, or project prior to the decision to move forward with the proposed action in our books. As soon as I had finished writing the last letter the bell rang. “Willow, please stay behind with me!” Oh no! I had only just started my first day of school and I was already in trouble! So I just waited impatiently behind while all the other students walked outside into the playground. “Willow, come over here!” Mrs Leya asked. Slowly, I trudged towards her. “Ok, this school is an extremely lovely school but I understand how you’d miss your old school. In that school you had friends. In this school you have none. In your old school you probably loved your teachers but here we’re a bit different”. “I just want to say that I know how much you miss your old school but I’m sure you’ll get used to this school soon”. “But how would you know? I whispered quietly.”Well, when I was a child I used to go to Silverglade Village Public School. But then I had to come over to this school”. I started walking to do the door. “Willow, wait!” I stopped and turned around. Mrs Leya smiled at me. “Hope you enjoy your first day of school!” I smiled back and walked out of the door.

As soon as I walked out the door, I started to feel nervous. I didn’t know anyone here that I could play with… I walked up to a group of girls that were playing hand games. “Look! The newbie!” said one of the girls in the group. They walked away, hand-in-hand. I walked over to a group of girls sitting on the steps reading. They might have looked friendly but the books that they were reading were WAY over my level. I sat down and ate some of my crackers that I had for recess. Then, I saw a group of girls playing 44 Homes. They looked friendly and fairly new to this school. I walked up to them and said,”Hi!, can I play with you?”All the girls smiled at me when one of the girls walked up to me and said,”Of course! We’re quite new as well- most of us have only been here for a year.” In my mind I though,’what are they playing?’ One of the girls seemed to read my mind because she said,”We’re playing the zombie version of 44 Homes. If the person that is in tips you, you become the next person in. Oh, and the person that is in is a zombie!” Wow! These girls were certainly the type of girls that I considered nice and fun. Then, the bell rang. Well, at least now I had some friends to play with. I ran to my locker and grabbed out my class time table. For about 1 hour I had free time. I decided to bring my earphones and listen to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. There weren’t a lot of people who had free time now in the playground so I went and sat on a big rock. Then the bell rand for the end of school. What?! Then I realized this rock was quite hidden and that with my earphones in I must of not heard the lunch bell. I ran quickly back to the lockers and grabbed my time table. I had missed PE, English, Maths AND Grammar. Wow, I was going to be in a LOT of trouble! I walked out of school and jogged home. When I got back, I opened the door and ran up to my room to have a snooze. But then I saw a copy of my favourite magazine (Total Girl) and a brand new edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! I ran down stairs quickly and saw my mum smiling. “I hoped that you would like them!” “Mum, of COURSE I like them!” Then I looked down at the table and saw a glass of lemonade and a piece of chocolate mud cake from the local cake shop ‘Le Caker’. I sat down and asked Mum about her first day at the stables. “It is lovely and friendly there! Now how about you have a nap in your bedroom?” I walked up the stairs and lay down on my bed. Within minutes, I had fallen asleep.


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