The next day, I woke up earlier than usual. (But of course I didn’t know that yet!) I turned around and nearly yelled when I saw what the time was. It was 4:15am in the morning! I usually wake up at 8:00am or 7:00am so this was a record for me! As I’ve never had this much spare time, I decided to go for a walk around Golden Hills Valley and Cape West Fishing Village. I quickly got up and dressed in a hoodie and some jeans. I decided not to go to the stables as mum was there and she would get stressed out. So instead, I just walked to Jasper’s and back. I had a coffee with him and we told each other a few jokes. When I got home I could see some white falling from the sky. SNOW! Now I could see mum running back home with a shadow behind her. But when she saw me looking she quickly gestured for me to go inside. As soon as I had sat on the bed, my phone rang. “Well hello Willow! I’m just calling you to tell you that today school will be off due to the fact that its snowing, bye!”It was one of the teachers voice so it definitely couldn’t be a prank. Relieved that we don’t go to school when its snowing here, I sat down. Once again, as soon as I had sat down I had to get up as I heard my mum calling from outside. But when I opened the back door I didn’t see mum. I saw a HORSE! “Aww…Isn’t he a cutie?”I cried”Yeah, I thought you’d like this horse! Well-“Said mum a bit nervously. “Well what, mum?”I asked her nervously, fearing for the answer. “The stables are closing down so we have to go to another place where I can find a job.”For a few seconds I stood quietly, hardly taking all it in. “So, where are we going?”I asked mum. “Well, I was thinking about a nice place called Jorvik Stables,”She said slowly. I’d heard about Jorvik Stables before. Its said to be good for learning how to be a elite rider. “Now, you go get some sleep now sweetie!” I trudged upstairs and fell asleep straight away, thinking about Jorvik Stables.


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