I am so sorry that I haven’t posted for 2 months! The first month I was on holidays and I just couldn’t fit time into my schedule to write another chapter in the next month. I am really sorry, but I’m not going to continue Golden Leaves. But it’s alright! I give you the task of creating a finale chapter of Golden Leaves in this post’s comments. If it’s alright with Maggie Oldcamp, I will organise a VERY special prize for you if I think your finale chapter is good! There will be at the most three winners, and at the least one winner. So get writing: the competition ends in one week and entries MUST be 10-100 lines. Enjoy my next series! 😀

Yes, the day of the absolutely boring update. Well, the update ITSELF isn’t boring but the wait to be able to play Star Stable Online is nearly unbearable. Ah well, I’ll just have to play another game. Animal Jam? Nah.. Pottermore? No… Alicia Online? I would, but it takes too long to download. Skype someone? Yeah, I might check if anyones online. Ok, one person’s online but they’re taking forever to decide if they want to Skype me… Wait! One of my accounts won’t let me play but the other will so I guess I’ll just have to play on my Fire Star account seeing as I’m bored. I’m riding to Firgrove Championships now on my level 15 Andalusian called Diamondblaze. I’ll update my diary when I’ve finished championships in Firgrove! -smiles-

Yay! I came 3rd place! I was coming 1st, but failed a jump. I have to log off now, but I can promise to write again tomorrow or the next day after tomorrow.