I spend the next day pondering what Rachel told me, wondering what this means. Either it’s true – in that case, I’m screwed – or she’s completely lost it. It makes me sad, knowing that I can’t even trust my best friend. Why does the world have to be so cruel? I know I have to choose who to believe: Rachel, or my common sense. Common sense isn’t always right, but neither is Rachel.

Miss Ashton sees something is bothering me and tells me to take the day off, what with Chase being around now. I decline her offer out of manners, but she insists everything will be fine. Soon after, I’m on Rose, trotting through the forest. I know I’m not supposed to be here, and I know that if she wanted to, Ms. A could easily prevent me from ever coming here again. But for some reason, she didn’t stop me, and as I was leaving, I thought I saw her waving. I lay on the ground by the creek, using Rose as a pillow while she lays next to me. Everything about this place is so calming – the birds singing, the soft flow of the stream, Rose’s breathing, the smell of the flowers growing nearby. It all makes me want to forget my troubles, relax and put the world on hold. But I know I’ve still got a problem, and it can’t be ignored.

So many things are bothering me: what Rachel said, my amnesia, even Chase. I guess the last part is only normal for a 16 year old girl, but what worries me is that I know nothing about myself, and I’m wondering: can anyone ever love a girl who doesn’t love herself? I scold myself, telling myself I hardly know Chase, but I know I have to face the facts. We both felt something right away, and there’s nothing I can do except stand by and watch as we fall for each other like in some corny love movie. And we all know what happens in corny love movies…. Something bad.

Chase is the least of my worries, I realize. I’ve got two weeks…thirteen days. If what Rachel told me is true…

I’m not able to finish my thought. Out of nowhere comes the sound of a truck horn, a long, low moan, accompanied by screams and cries. Then comes the vision of a truck, skidding on pavement. I focus, though it hurts to watch. I can’t seem to take control and look around, but I can see out the window. There is the truck, and a few other cars. The road. Street signs. But what’s that, in the corner? A sign, this one reading Welcome to…

The vision quits, and I’m left shaking on the ground. What did the last part of the sign say? “Welcome to” where?!

I mount Rose, and I make my decision: I believe Rachel.


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