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There are three characters who have started noticing something strange in Moorland; Mrs Holdsworth, Josh, and Conrad. You can visit them in any order that you choose. I’m going to start with Josh.

Get First Prize Without Even Winning


Hi Rita! So glad you’re here, I could really use your help right now…

What’s happened? Sigh… Someone’s stolen my trophies! Every last one of them! All the prizes I won from all my competitions, all gone…

You want me to tell you from the beginning? Okay, but there’s not much to tell…

When I got here this morning, everything was just like normal so I set up the pole-bending race as usual, cleaned up a little bit and got a cup of coffee while I waited for all the competition-crazy riders to show up. I had a little bit of spare time so I thought I’d get some stuff done in my wagon, y’know, organize some stuff a little and it was then I noticed that not everything was as it should be.

I keep all my things in that wagon, and someone had been in and trashed it all. Worse still, it was only when I tidied up that I noticed that all my trophies were gone!

The thief must’ve totally gotten away by this point, and I’ve got no idea who it could’ve been. The only thing I know is that he or she must’ve been here during the night, as I checked out the wagon before I left yesterday evening and everything looked fine.

If I’ve seen any other clues? Nah… But then I haven’t looked around that closely.

Wait! What’s that on the ground? Some kind of footprint in the sand…

Maybe it’s a clue, Rita!

You’ll follow the trail of footprints? Okay! Good luck Rita! Hope you find the thief!

Objectives: Follow the tracks and see if you can find the thief. Return to Josh afterwards.

Rewards: 10 Jorvik Shillings, 10 XP

Reputation: 15 with Moorland Stable

Ride out into the pole bending track to see if the tracks lead you to any clues…

Return to Josh if you find anything.


There weren’t any footprints to follow? Sigh.

Suppose there’s nothing we can do about it then… What? You found a piece of fabric that could be from the thief’s clothes?

Quest completed


Thief On the Loose in Moorland!


Rita, I don’t know what we should do with this bit of fabric. Maybe it’s an important clue, but all this business with mysteries and thieves isn’t really my thing.

Maybe you can chat to Jenna about it instead? She’s got smarts! If you and her work together on this, then I bet you’ll find out who stole my trophies for sure! Please?

Thanks Rita! Man, I knew I could trust you! My trophies are so important to me, so I’d be so grateful if you could find them for me… Thanks, and good luck!

Objectives: Take the piece of fabric to Jenna and tell her what’s happened.

Rewards: 10 Jorvik Shillings, 5 XP

Reputation: 15 with Moorland Stable

Speak to Jenna inside the stable area.


Hey Rita, how’s it going?

What’s that? Someone’s stolen all of Josh’s trophies?

Hmm… So there’s a thief on the loose in Moorland… I’ve had my suspicions for a while now, so it’s no surprise. I just don’t know how we’ll find out for sure who the thief is. If you find any clues, come back and let me know, yeah?

Quest completed

Now let’s go see what Conrad needs help with.

Small Tools Are Easy to Loose


Good day to you Rita.

I’m afraid I don’t have time to chat just now. You see, I promised to get these flowerpots finished for Jenna before sundown, and I’m already running behind schedule.

Hmm… This hammer isn’t the right tool for these flowerpots. If these are to be world-class then there’s to be no compromise! I need my tiniest hammer.

Why am I delayed? Well I’ll tell you all about it if you pass me my tiniest hammer…

Thanks. I suppose a very quick break won’t hurt, so let me tell you about the decidedly bizarre happening that’s caused my delay.

It was this morning, you see… Just as I was about to start work for the day, a strange man came walking towards the smithy with his hood up and sunglasses on. It was too warm for a hoodie and the sun was hidden by clouds, so I thought it was most peculiar.

Anyway, he seemed quite lost and asked me the way to Silverglade Village. I explained the route: head up the hill and head left at the crossroads, and he just looked confused. He said he didn’t understand. I couldn’t quite get to grips with it… Surely my directions weren’t that unclear?

Well, well, nobody can say that Conrad Marsdeen can’t give directions, so I decided to give him the best directions anyone had ever given anyone, anywhere, ever.

I told him all about where exactly he should walk, pointing at the castle and telling its story so that the importance of the landmark on his route couldn’t possibly be forgotten. So that he could definitely be one hundred percent certain, I told him absolutely everything about the history of the castle, from Jon Jarl’s time to the present day. I even took seasonal weather conditions into account when calculating his route. It took me the entire morning to describe it all to him in this level of detail, and these directions had to have been a masterpiece that no soul could ever have misunderstood.

When I turned to ask him if he had any questions, he’d disappeared. I imagine my directions were so precise and so detailed that he didn’t need to hear any more to be able to find his destination.

Ah well, I felt as though my pride was restored and this man was quite clearly satisfied with my works, so I didn’t think any more of it.

That said, it caused me some considerable delay, but at least it was in doing a good deed.

Now then! I’ve rested quite enough on this little break. Will you fetch my smallest hammer for me now, like you said?

It’s on the table over there by the smithy.

Objectives: Look for Conrad Marsdeen’s smallest hammer on the table by the smithy, then go back to Conrad.

Rewards: 5 Jorvik Shillings, 10 XP

Reputation: 15 with Moorland Stable

Uh, sir, I don’t see it….


You couldn’t find a hammer? Did you look on the table? Did you look properly? And down the side as well?

You couldn’t spot it, you say?

Quest completed


Catastrophic News About Delayed Flowerpots


Odd. I’ve never lost a tool in my entire life… Has my memory finally let me down after all these years? Have I reached the ripe old age where I should call it all a day?


Rita, this is absolutely one of the very worst days of my entire life. I’m not going to be able to deliver an order in the agreed time. It’s the first time ever…

Would you be able to give Jenna the terrible news that her flowerpots won’t be finished today?

Thank you Rita. Now you must excuse me, I need to find that hammer now. Let Jenna know I’ll not rest a single moment until the hammer’s found and the pots are finished. I swear on my honor as a blacksmith. 

Tell Jenna what’s happened and please ask her to accept my apologies. Even if it’s a stain on my impeccable record that may never be removed…

Now I must be off Rita, away I go to wonder what to do next since my career is obviously in ruins. I haven’t even had time to teach a trainee to take over the smithy.

Is this how it all ends? Hmm? My life’s work in flames like this?

This is truly a day of tragedy. Tell Jenna that.

Objectives: Tell Jenna that her flowerpots are to be the victims of a delay.

Rewards: 10 Jorvik Shillings, 5 XP

Reputation: 20 with Moorland Stable

Shit happens, dude. Don’t get so melodramatic on me, now…

Tell Jenna you’ve found out about more weird goings on.


My flowerpots are delayed?

What flowerpots?

Oh! Flowerpots! Yeah, I asked Conrad a while ago to make me some flowerpots but I’d pretty much forgotten all about them, haha! Yeah, well it doesn’t matter if they’re late, it was mostly just a bit of fun.

Any special reason Conrad’s running late?

He gave directions to some odd man and then couldn’t find one of his hammers, you say…

Weird… I’m not sure it’s just a coincidence, Rita… Something fishy’s going on here in Moorland. If you hear of anymore weird goings on, come and tell me!

Quest completed

Mrs Holdsworth seems to be upset about something, let’s go check it out.

How to Turn a Pie Into a Broom


Hello Rita.

Why do I look so miffed? Hmm. Someone swiped my freshly-baked pie earlier. Brazen doesn’t begin to describe it! Probably that Tan or her friend Loretta who took it.

Why do I think that? Well, just a few days ago, Tan was here asking if she could have a bit of pie. I said to her that I’d happily offer pie in exchange for her popping out to grab my mail for me since I’m not as quick on my feet as I used to be. Guess what she did next?

She screwed her face up and said she wanted the whole pie and that I should be happy someone wanted to eat my disgusting pies at all!

Then I got my broom out and drove her off good and proper. Sure enough, she disappeared fast as lightning off in the direction of Moorland Stables. Ooh, I don’t remember being that angry in a good long while, Rita. Rather a refreshing little feeling as it happens, but a little bit uncomfortable… I’m not one to get angry, really…

You’re going to ride and ask Tan who stole the pie? Thanks Rita, that’s nice of you. If I did it, I’d surely get just as wound up as last time, and I think I’ve been angry enough to last me for a few decades now. 

Thanks for helping, young Rita.

Objectives: Ask Tan if she’s taken a pie from Mrs Holdsworth.

Rewards: 5 Jorvik Shillings, 5 XP

Reputation: 10 with Moorland Stable

Time to confront the thief!


What? Pie?

I haven’t taken any pie from that old granny! Nobody likes her pies anyway, they’re gross! Ha!

Quest completed


Tan’s Awesome New Watch


I’m no thief Rita, I swear!

Must’ve been someone trying to set me up… Loretta, no doubt.

Why I think it’s Loretta? Yeah, well I got a brand new watch the other day, the one I ordered online. It is just SO fetch! So awesomely awesome!

Anyway, Loretta was totes jelly, just like I thought she would be, haha!

Never thought she’d sink so low as to steal it from me though. She won’t even admit it, and it’s like, she’s so out of line, you get me? Now she stole that pie from Mrs Holdsworth, and it’s all just ’cause she’s so jello of me.

You’re gonna talk to Loretta?

Umm, yeah, great. Great news. Good luck and whatever. Just tell her I want my watch back or else we’re not BFFs anymore.

Objectives: Ask Loretta about Mrs Holdsworth’s pie and Tan’s watch.

Rewards: 10 Jorvik Shillings, 5 XP

Reputation: 10 with Moorland Stable

Hmm, maybe Loretta’s the real thief?


What?! Tan said I’m a thief?

I haven’t touched a thing!

No way! No gross old crust pies and no trashy watches either! Pff!

Quest completed


Rumor Has It Loretta’s Like Totally a Thief


That’s like, so obvious. Tan loses her ugly trashy watch and she blames me?!

Why would I want such a cheap, ugly pathetic supermarket watch anyway? The only way I’d have something that disgusting on my arm would be if I shoved my hand down the drain. I wouldn’t even leave the house with that joke on my wrist! If she doesn’t get that, then she’s double as dumb as I thought she was.

As if I would steal such a vile waste of time as that ‘watch.’ Oh what?! No way! I wouldn’t got near one of Old Granny Holdworth’s pies either! Wow, they’re like the grossest thing ever. Tan totally took that, she loves her dusty old pies even though she’d never dare say anything.

It’s only when she didn’t get any to stuff into her big dumb mouth that she started saying they were horrible… Haha! Like, Tan’s never gonna get any pie again now that she said that. What a dweeb.

Who do I think took the watch and the pie?

Um, no idea. But you have to tell Jenna it wasn’t me, because like, Tan is totally gonna spread it around that it was me and you shouldn’t even listen to Tan because she’s just so basic and awkward.

Everyone knows Jenna, so if she says I’m innocent, then it won’t even matter what Tan has to say and everything will just go back to being fine. You’ll tell her it wasn’t me?

Sweet, Rita. Thanks!

Objectives: Tell Jenna that Loretta is no thief.

Rewards: 20 Jorvik Shillings, 5 XP

Reputation: 20 with Moorland Stable

Got another fishy incident to report to Jenna.


Hey Rita, what can I help you with?

Loretta says it wasn’t her who swiped Mrs Holdsworth’s pie? And she hasn’t touched Tan’s watch?

I didn’t even know anybody had stolen these things. So weird Rita, these missing things are just a small part of something bigger, I can feel it.

Hey, come back if you hear anything else going wrong here in Moorland.

Quest completed


Thief On the Loose in Moorland (We’re Sure This Time)


Rita, I believe there’s a thief on the loose in Moorland.

Conrad’s hammer, Josh’s trophies, Tan’s watch, and Mrs Holdsworth’s pie. All gone in a mysterious fashion. Not a coincidence in my opinion. You agree?

Hmm… Something in their stories should tie together and tell us who the thief is, I can feel it.

Do you remember what they all said?

Conrad said he was visited by a mysterious man. It must’ve been the thief. Sadly, Conrad also said that the thief had a hood and dark glasses, which means he couldn’t tell us any more about how the thief looked.

Hmm… Then we’ve got the green fabric you found at Josh’s place, which must come from the thief’s clothing, don’t you think? A thief leaving the scene of the crime will get away fast, and not necessarily get away smart. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the thief was less than careful and got some clothing caught in the escape.

Tan didn’t have anything to tell us about how her watch disappeared, but I wonder if it was the same thief who took Mrs Holdsworth’s pie? It’s not very valuable, but I guess the thief was hungry and no doubt caught a whiff of Mrs Holdsworth’s sensational pie as it sat cooling on the windowsill. There’s an important clue in her story, I can just feel it.


Rita, we need to put our heads together and think if we’re going to solve this mystery. Come on, let’s kick some ideas around and see what we come up with.

Objectives: Talk to Jenna and see if you can hep her work out who the thief is.

Rewards: 30 Jorvik Shillings, 20 XP

Reputation: 30 with Moorland Stable

Remember the facts:

The thief wore green fabric, wore a hoodie and glasses, and was close to the beach, close enough to smell Mrs Holdsworth’s pie.

Debrief with Jenna until you figure out all the clues point to…


HA! Of course! Obvious when you think again!

Quest completed


A Crime Wave From the Sea


Rita, you’ve also figured out where the thief comes from, right?

Exactly! Dark Core’s camp down by the beach. It must just be one of the shady types who are always hanging around down there.

They have green hooded tops. They always wear dark glasses. Plus, when the wind blows towards the sea, then everyone can smell Mrs Holdsworth’s baking.

Rita, everything points toward the thief being some crook or other involved with Dark Core. Now we just need to work out which one of them it was… You can hardly tell the difference between them, so I don’t suppose it’ll be easy.

Hmm… What should we do?

There’s no definite plan here, but I think the best we can do is this…

Rita, you ride to Dark Core’s camp on the beach and see if you can find any more clues. If anyone tries to stop you, tell them you’ll ring the police if they’re unhelpful.

Why not just ring the police straight away?

Well I don’t think they’d have much of a chance in this case, do you? It’ll take time for them to get here, and by the time they arrive, the thief will have made a getaway.

Our only chance is to try and solve this one ourselves as quickly as we can!

Ride to the beach Rita, and good luck!

Objectives: Ride to Dark Core’s camp by the beach below Moorland and look for clues.

Rewards: 15 Jorvik Shillings, 5 XP

Reputation: 15 with Moorland Stable

Find a shady guy who perhaps looks especially shady.


Errr, what do you want?

You’re looking for a thief?

No thieves here! Dark Core does not tolerate any illegal activity, especially not illegal activity that gets you caught.

Umm. Forget I said that last bit.

Get out of here now!

Quest completed


An Unusually Crooked Crook


Hey you! One of us here is supposed to be a thief, huh?

Have a word with yourself, girlie! If you don’t get out of here double quick, I’ll cal the police and report you for trespassing. Haha, what do you say to that?

You think I should go ahead and call them?


Okay, well forget it. We don’t need to get the police involved, I’m sure we can sort this out between ourselves, just you and I.

What was it you had in your mind?

Hmm… You say someone’s stolen things from a bunch of different people in Moorland and all your clues point to it being someone from here? I understand, but it doesn’t sound like you’ve got any evidence. Or have you?

Fingerprints? Pictures from security cameras?

So, okay. You’ve got no evidence at all?

Haha what a shame…

You know what? I’ll take a closer look at this. Perhaps there’s something in what you’ve got to say but now it’s a matter for Dark Core to handle internally. So, yes. Thanks for your help but I’ll take it from here.

You can put this whole thief story behind you now and focus on your little horsey instead, how does that sound?

Thank you very much for bringing this all to my attention, now get lost and let me do my job.

Go on! Scram!

(This crook seems unusually crooked, even for a crook. You decide to keep your eye on him and see if you can find out a little more…)

Objectives: Stay hidden and keep watch over what the crook is up to…

Rewards: 20 Jorvik Shillings, 25 XP

Reputation: 10 with Moorland Stable

Dismount your horse and find a place to hide so that you can follow the crook without being seen. Once he moves, follow him at a safe distance, but don’t get too far behind that you lose sight of him. Follow him between the containers on the beach, and up onto the Dark Core barge.

Watch as the shady guy goes for the phone. Get close so you can hear what he’s saying


Boss. We’ve got a problem…

There’s a girl here who’s figured us out. She knows the thief is one of us. What should I do?

Take care of it? How?

Haha! You’re a smart one, boss! Great idea…

Okay, boss. You can rely on me. It’ll all be over soon.


He’s seen you! Confront him and tell him you heard the whole call.


Did you hear that?


Oh well.

Seems there is a thief here at Dark Core’s camp, you were right.

Hmm… I could probably use a little help catching him, if you wouldn’t mind helping?

Great. Great news.

I’ve had a tip-off that he’ll strike again tomorrow… Come back then and I should have some more exact info from my secret source about what he’s got in store…

Quest completed

Return to the shady guy tomorrow.