Hey guys! I’m really happy to post up my first chapter of The Rider Games! This is a fanfiction of the Hunger Games, with a Star Stable twist. Hope you enjoy 😀 


Chapter one “Tribute In Training”. 

Dark Riders and Soul Riders have been around in Jorvik for many centuries. Throughout the years, they have always been against each other, with the Dark Riders constantly making up evil plots to take over Jorvik and destroy the Soul Riders. Although at least five Soul Riders perished every few years, Jorvik remained peaceful, due to the hard-working Soul Riders who fight for the peace of Jorvik. However when it reached present day (approximately 2040) things took a turn for the worse. And that’s how I got here. My name is Katalin Aideen and I am going to tell you how I got in the Games.

It all started two years back, where if anybody mentioned a revolution or gladiatorial Games between Soul Riders and Dark Riders, people would have laughed. Sure, Dark Riders weren’t exactly liked, but they weren’t feared, either, because the Soul Riders had defeated them and claimed peace to Jorvik many years back. So the people of Jorvik weren’t ever living in fear, they were happy, no-one starved, it was great. Until President Springson, newly elected, had a little chit chat with the Dark Riders and their head, Mr. Sands, to make them realize how they hated Soul Riders and wanted to take revenge. So the Dark Riders began a revolution against the Soul Riders and Keepers Of Aideen, and that’s when the Games started. President Springson became head assistant to Mr. Sands, meaning he had full power over the Dark Riders. He and the Dark Riders decided to start something called The Riders Games. This was a battle, between the Dark Riders and Soul. They each had to fight for survival throughout terrible conditions, using only their limited magic to defend themselves.

Their was an outroar, at first, because no family in Jorvik wanted their Soul Rider kin to compete in the Games, and most surely have their powers taken away. Yes, the Soul Riders and Dark didn’t die, once they were defeated they instead had their powers taken away and locked into a Pandoric Rift, and the only way they could retrieve them would be to win the Games. After shock and tears, it was rage. People all over Jorvik started rioting, I remember the fires and blaring noises raging my ears, although Mother attempted to read me stories to put me back to sleep.
After plenty of riots, outrages and fights all over Jorvik, the Games didn’t actually take place until two years later, when everything had calmed down a little. Everyone had forgotten all about it, thinking it was just a thing that would pass, but President Springson was determined. The Games would begin.

Now it brings us to my story, the story of Katalin Aideen. Right. I’m sixteen years old, my sister is called Rose and my best friend is Matt. Oh yeah, I’m quite feisty, some call me strong. I’m a Soul Rider.
I guess that sums everything up, being a Soul Rider, because you now know that I had to compete in the Games. I didn’t think I would, my father promised me it would be ok, but I don’t believe adults, not anymore. Partly because it wasn’t ok. I was called up to be in the Games and that was when everything changed. It was just an ordinary morning as I threw the covers of my bed onto the floor and got up, rubbing my eyes. “Kat, come downstairs for breakfast!” Shouted a familiar voice. “Coming.” I smiled, walking down the carpeted stairs. My families faces were there to greet me, as usual.
“We need to talk to you, dear.” I watched as Uncle Bob’s smiling face was replaced with something darker. “Yeah, ok. What?” I asked as I buttered a slice of bread. “Well. You know about the Games, don’t you?” Bob continued. “Yes, why?” I replied, frowning a little. “Well, we got a phone call from the head Gamemaker, plus Soul Rider- and.. They want you to enter. You’ve been called up. I’m so sorry, Kat.”
I felt like I was being turned upside down. I dropped my bread to the floor, not caring as the knife clattered to the floor. “W-what?” I managed to stutter. Before I could think of what to say next, there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it.” Bob muttered hastily. Before he could open the door, a tall, willowy woman with dark hair up to her waist stepped into the house. She had a slightly eery look about her. “Hello, you must be Katalin.” She smiled, but her smirk had an edge to it. “H-hey..” I whispered. “Speak up dear.” She said brightly. “Hey!” I replied, really loudly. “Ow! God not that loud.” She yelled, her friendly mask replaced with an angry, scary glare. Her eyes were dark and beady. “I mean, just be a bit quieter, dear.” She continued, smiling. I raised my eyebrows a little, still not quite capable of sarcasm at that time. “Ok sweetheart. You’re going to be in the Games.”
I still can’t figure out, to this day, why those words scared me so much.
Because it was the first Games, there was no Reaping Day. Instead, Soul Riders were picked as Tributes by their skills or magic. About a group of seven were chosen in my District. Including me. I had to say goodbye to my home, my family, everything. The day before I left for training, in a special arena designed for Soul Riders, specifically hidden from anyone ‘normal’, Matt told me something. He hugged me, for the first time in that way, and told me something. “You need to survive. You have to, Kat. Trick them. Trick the other Tributes, I don’t care what it takes, do it and then use your full force of magic when they think you’re weak. You can do this, I know. You’re strong.” Those were the last words he spoke to me before they dragged me onto the platform, leaving Matt and my entire life behind. “Lovely. Shall we leave for the arena now, Katalin?” Smiled Ellie, the woman who announced the Tributes. She seemed to be coming along too. “Yes. Sure.” As we disappeared in a whirl of blue smoke, we arrived at the training arena. It was large and filled with Tributes all shapes and sizes.
There were tall, muscular boys weightlifting, though I couldn’t see the point of that when our weapons were magic. I saw some weaker looking girls fiddling with bubbles of magic, but they didn’t look that impressive. “Bye then, Ellie.” I said to her vaguely. “Oh no Katalin! Don’t be silly, you have to meet your mentor first.” Ellie shook her head as if I was simple. Before I could reply, a surly looking man walked up to me. He had messy, short black hair that looked like he was trying to achieve the ‘sexy’ tousled look, but ended up looking like a mess. He stunk so strongly of liquor I wrinkled my nose. “What are you lookin’ at?” He glared, his words a big slur. I took a step back. “Not much of a talker, are you? Nor a looker..” He said, rolling his eyes in disgust. I acted without speaking and slapped him hard in the face. Ellie squealed as my mentor was knocked backwards. He composed himself with the help of Ellie and suddenly started guffawing. “You-you’ve got some fire though, haven’t you?” He choked inbetween chuckles. “And you’ve got some stinking breath, haven’t you?” I replied, without a smile. “Katalin, really!” Ellie said disapprovingly, fighting back a smirk. My mentor stopped laughing and narrowed his eyes at me. “Anyway, Katalin, this is your mentor for the Games, Damon.” Ellie told me, with a composed smile. “I’m Kat.” I said simply, with no sarcasm or humour in my voice. “Kat? Wait- wait- Catnip, right?” He slurred. Many people in my District called me this, but Damon calling me it was annoying and mocking. “Don’t call me that.” I said expressionlessly, walking down the steps and to the training arena. “Make sure to come down for dinner at 8 pm!” Called Ellie. I could feel Damon’s eyes on my back, watching my every move and I hated it. I sat down and watched my hands create a small, puny bubble of golden magic. I smiled. Even if I wasn’t going to win, I wasn’t about to go down without a fight.


End of chapter one, I hope you liked it, feedback is always appreciated!



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