The quests to begin reputation quests with The Inner Lightning Circle unlock once you have completed the following:

  • Be Admired with the Lightning Circle and have completed all of the daily quests to close the Pandoric cracks
  • Have helped heal the Sleeping Widow’s roots

The Pandoric crack quests begin on Day 65, and all of the daily rift locations are listed here.Β The daily rifts will be completed once you have closed enough to reach Admired level reputation with the Lightning Circle. Alex will speak to you and tell you that the rifts have stopped opening.

Healing the Sleeping Widow quests begin onΒ Day 84.


The quests to begin measuring the runestones begin on Day 122.

Here are all the locations of the stones I have found. If you find any others please comment with a description of the location as well as map coordinates!



Fort Pinta

  • Beach near Fort Pinta pony race


  • Hill north of Windmill
  • Side of the wall near Ydris’ Circus
  • South of Steve’s Farm


  • Valedale Druid training arena (two at the entrance, one near the back)
  • Stone circle to enter the Secret Stonering
  • Off road, south of Valedale
  • South of Firgrove mine

Goldenhills Valley

  • Two on road between Scarecrow Hill and Cape West Fishing Village (one outside Scarecrow Hill, one in corner above Goldenleaves Forest)

Forgotten Fields

  • Beach near Sleeping Widow
  • Four on hills across fields
  • South side of bridge entering Forgotten Fields


  • Paddock Island, first stone you measured during story quests
  • Paddock Island, near upper stable
  • Behind stone wall outside Jorvik Stables arena


  • Southernmost islands of Sunset Islands (cut off map, mark is farther north that stone actually is), straight south of New Hillcrest Stables
  • Eastern Slopes, in stand of trees south of Dew’s Farm
  • Off road, west of Old Stormgarden
  • Northern point of Shipwreck Shores
  • Off road near bridge between Old Stormgarden and Shipwreck Shores